Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Council's choice for empty seat defies understanding

It is a commonplace that five observers of an intersection collision will report five different observations. Even with that in mind, it seems a near impossibility that an attendee of last Monday's so-called interviews of candidates for appointment to replace Charles Slert could come away with any conviction other than that the cookie-cutter had already been used.

The fast-forwarding of candidates was little more than a charade with cameo snippets of a candidate's view. How might it be possible to gain insight into a person's potential for the position applied for with the use of a stop watch? Would America be better off using that criteria for a Republican presidential candidate, one wonders?

Logic would seem to dictate that handling the potential replacement

for a departing office holder would be to match as closely as possible

the current vision plan for continuity's sake. The appointment of a

personnel-focused manager, to the exclusion of available candidates with

city planning experience, defies logic and calls into question the

decision-making capabilities of the interviewing panel.

Dog and pony shows have long entertained children with their antics

but they only perform as they were trained to do at the bidding of the

hand that cracks the whip. In this case the important work of governing a

city has serious ramifications that taxpayers need to pay attention to.

Whose hand is it that cracks the whip?

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City

Entrepreneur's message at Women's Club inspirational

Regarding the Jan. 24 article "DN native returns to offer advice to

Women's Club," the message which entrepreneur Susan Elizabeth (Williams)

Santsche brought to the Crescent City Women's Club was, to me,


Susan is the daughter of Al and Mylouine Williams (both born in

Crescent City, both retired educators from the Del Norte County School

District). Her grandmother was Maude Ellis, who was president of the

Crescent City Women's Club in 1959. Maude arrived in Crescent City in

the early 1900s when she was 11.

Anyone wanting more information about Susan's work can find her at:

Those of you who watch Oprah's network (OWN) may have seen Susan's

"makeover" of a woman in the U.S. Coast Guard stationed at Eureka.

Maralou Ellis

Smith River

Screed against liberals ignores contradictions and exaggerates

I feel compelled to address Marlowe Thompson's opinions expressed on

Jan. 21 ("Liberals oppose Constitution, Declaration of Independence").

I imagine it is all perception and opinion as to the "differences

between conservatives and liberals." Some feel that the equality our

Constitution mentions is violated when two people can't enter into a

social contract and are unable to enjoy the same state-granted

privileges as others.

I think people for energy alternatives have ideas, but the other side

doesn't listen (maybe it's all that coal and oil showing up in

super-PAC stockings). I am sure some of us would rather have wind

catchers than leaky oil rigs. I don't think anyone is suggesting we use

no petroleum. The idea is we stop burning it. No one wants to "kill"

their unborn child.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness go both ways. What if

one's pursuit of happiness is the same sex? What if one's liberty is

smoking the wrong plant?

I suppose you might let me live in freedom if I live like you. Do

conservatives who want me to "be self-sufficient" endorse adults making

an almost standard minimum wage and no benefits?

The most the writer could insinuate about the conservative leadership

is that it is less likely to hurt America. Well go ahead and vote for

the least evil of two leaders.

Marlowe, have you really seen any difference between the two? They

fund their campaigns with the same money-shovelers. Don't you think the

money-shovelers expect a dividend? I don't know why people desire to

associate themselves with a jackass and some ancient mammoth, though the

mascots themselves deserve more respect than those who assign their

souls to the symbols.

Of course I testify there is no difference. We all scream for ice

cream and some like vanilla more than chocolate but in the end we're all

lactose-intolerant. To respect those who would and have made such

sacrifices for us and our liberty, let us never again vote for the

better of two evils. Let us come together and abandon those who would

and do sell our nation's legislative powers.

We have a common cause if we cannot afford to buy a leader.

Robert DeRego

Crescent City

Library District has long suffered from a total lack of leadership

Is it time the Del Norte Library District goes away? I can't count

the number of times my library has started programs, then because of

lack of funding causes it to throw them to the wind. Is it time that my

city takes over the library? Should the special district go away?

Over the years, there has been a total lack of leadership on the

Library Board. Currently, there are three seats up in November. I would

hope people would enter their names to run for these offices. Del Norte

Reads should not go away.

What happened to the support for the Klamath Library? If they are

paying for books for Smith River, why aren't they funding the library in

Klamath by supplying books and support? We need a new idea because

"same old same old" is not working.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Despite our conservatism, we are dominated by liberals

I would like to make a few simple comments on a few complex issues if I may.

Paul Crandall's Jan. 24 letter endorsing Newt Gingrich made some

pretty good points. But I think any Republican would be a lot better

than Obama.

As Marlowe Thompson pointed out in his Jan. 21 letter, there are

several differences between liberals and conservatives. The most

important difference at this time, I think, is their positions on

spending. Liberal politicians seem to believe the best way out of debt

is to borrow and spend more money, while conservatives think that way is

the way to disaster. Can anyone really borrow and spend their way out

of debt?

The different views are not limited to Washington, D.C. Our country

may be more sharply divided now than at any time since the Civil War. We

have local examples.

Our sheriff has taken some flak for his association with the local

Tea Party. Well, shucks. What is wrong with belonging to the Tea Party?

It is not a political party. It is mostly just a loosely organized group

of people who think we are taxed enough already and that our

Constitution (which every office holder swears to uphold) should be the

law of the land. Everyone should belong to the Tea Party.

Our local government, Board of Supervisors, City Council, school

board, etc. are "non-political." But it is easy to see who the liberals

and the conservatives are. For the most part the liberals outnumber the

conservatives. And you can see the liberals working hard to maintain and

increase their advantage.

An example might be the City Council filling the position left by

Charles Slert. Mr. Slert is a conservative. His replacement appears to

be a liberal. The selection process appears to have left some citizens

and some of the applicants dissatisfied and suspicious that the

selection was actually made prior to the meeting, possibly with some

outside help and/or advice. Ultimately, of course, the citizens of the

city will decide with their vote who sits on the Council.

So it seems that although the citizens of this county are

predominantly conservative, we are governed by liberals, from the school

board to Washington D.C. This coming election is a very important one.

Clif Shepard

Crescent City