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Widely prescribed drug for dogs has potentially lethal side-effect

We all know that the big drug companies are not always truly honest with us regarding the potential side effects of their medications, and this is true for medications for dogs also.

There is one drug for arthritis in dogs, Rimadyl, that is being widely prescribed in Crescent City. But what you are not being told is that one potential side-effect could be the death of your dog. I've done a lot of research on this drug and I will not give it to my dog. I'd like to offer for all who might be interested some links that are providing information about the risks of using Rimadyl.

There are and

Pages/rimadylfr.html (this site also included a link on the side

panel that shares the stories of some horrible deaths of dogs that may

have resulted from Rimadyl. Very difficult to read for any dog lover.)

Another is

doghealth2/ (a yahoo group of over 1,400 dog lovers.) If you'd like

more information, please feel free to e-mail me at

Leah L. Ward

Crescent City

Extending the payroll tax cut further depletes Social Security

I am absolutely amazed that none of the many news items I've seen on

TV and read in the newspaper have mentioned the fact that the Congress,

by extending the payroll tax cut, has effectively further depleted the

future solvency of Social Security.

Not even AARP nor the Tea Party, which is supposed to be for the

people, including seniors, has mentioned it.

I wonder how many people actually realize what is happening. Last

night on "PBS NewsHour" was the first mention made during an interview

with U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and she defended it by saying it would only

be for a few years.

Laurel Marquart

Crescent City