Triplicate Staff

Editor's note: The Del Norte 4-H column appears every four weeks. Today's column was written by Christine Jones.

Earlier this month 4-H members and leaders traveled to Ukiah for a youth livestock exposition.

Eight youths and six leaders from four 4-H clubs attended. The expo was put on by Mendocino County 4-H and FFA.

Many youths and adults attended an ethics workshop. Attendance at an ethics workshop is mandatory for all local youths who show market animals at the Del Norte County Fair.

Participants also attended market animal workshops for meat goats,

sheep, poultry and rabbits. They also attended learning labs on bio

security, dissection, carcass evaluation and horse-shoeing.

Most of our 4-H projects are up and going. Some of our non-animal

projects are complete, while many of the market animal projects are just

starting up. There are a wide variety of animal projects to choose

from, including market, breeding and show/pet.

While most of the 4-H market animal projects are short-term, there

are some that are year-round projects.

Members raising market beef have had their animals since the fall.

Most market goat, lamb and swine project members will be buying their

animals in March and April. Some poultry and rabbit project members have

their market animals, while others will be buying their animals later

in the spring.

For some their animal projects are year-round, mostly small animal

projects (dog, guinea pig, poultry, pygmy goat and rabbit) and dairy

goats. A few youths raise their own market rabbits and show and auction

fryer rabbits at our county fair. A handful of local 4-H'ers breed and

raise their own market animals for fair. A few 4-H'ers even travel

outside the county to show their animals at other fairs and breed shows.

Many of these animals will be going through the auction at the Del

Norte County Fair in August. We would like to invite past, present and

future buyers to attend and bid on locally grown animals.