Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Board never had any real control over hospital activity

It really is amusing to read that some of our local medical and other community leaders are so concerned about the regionalization of control for the various Sutter facilities, including Sutter Coast Hospital.

Martha McClure was correct when she stated that "the train has left the station." What she and others will discover, however, after Health Care District Chairman Dwayne Reichlin retains legal counsel to review the 1986 contract, is that the train left the station 26 years ago.

They may, if they are really clever, discern the obvious fact that

the hospital Board of Directors, contractually, never had any real

control over the activities of the hospital. Sutter corporate always

retained the approving authority over the budget and it also retained

the authority to hire, fire and evaluate the administrator and every

other person employed by the facility.

The authority given by Sutter to the local hospital Board of Trustees

was always an illusion. Any concessions won by the local board from

Sutter were most certainly due to the realities of political necessity,

not actual authority, and that will probably not change.

Richard Cooper

Helendale, Calif.

'Nonviolent' criminals can do violence to one's peace

In response to Al Kay's March 3 letter, "Inmates serve inordinate

amount of time for non-violent crimes," people who correspond with

convicts usually believe the falsehoods they are fed by the prisoner and

believe the prisoners are good people and victims themselves. They

don't understand that many incarcerated criminals continue to take

advantage of a truly good person's ignorance to feed their sociopathic


They are in prison for a very good reason and when you correspond

with them, they are seldom ever honest about the details that got them

locked up.

I personally, have had a gun held to my head by a bank robber. I was

convinced that my children were going to grow up without a mother

because my life was about to end in a rather violent, senseless fashion.

The terror I experienced that day, many years ago, still remains a part

of my everyday life.

Nonviolent? How on earth do you come to that conclusion? You can

assault someone without touching them. It's different than battery. That

robber cared nothing about the people he hurt and would do it again

given the chance (obviously, as you refer to his robbery sprees,


The next time it could be you, your children, wife, friend or parent

whose life he takes, literally or figuratively, in a robbery.

There is a reason for prisons and thank God we have them. Bank

robbers should spend the rest of their entire life in prison so we can

be safe from them. I hope you never experience the feeling of an ice

cold, loaded .45, pushed into the back of your neck by some scumbag who

cares more about some free cash than your life.

Why wouldn't you want to spend your time on an honest, law-abiding,

productive member of society? I guarantee they won't be bugging you or

the 20 other people they are duping by mail to put money in their prison

accounts. I understand most of us in the world want to believe there is

good in everyone, but, good grief, a bank robber?

Donna Eller

Crescent City

Please do not close pool -it benefits health affordably

Primarily, I want to thank the city of Crescent City for providing

the Fred Endert Pool. This pool has been a great relief to my family and

me for many years.

I am a partially disabled U.S. Army veteran, and as the years have

gone by I have suffered pain in my legs and back. Being able to exercise

at the pool has been a great way for me to get the exercise I need and

avoid the risk of further injury. I find that the exercise time I have

spent at the pool has been very beneficial. After a session at the pool I

find that I have more range of movement and less pain.

I am currently unemployed, so the cost of enrolling in a gym is way

beyond my means. Without the pool, with its low participation cost, I

would be unable to afford the exercise that keeps me relatively pain


My family has also benefitted from the exercise afforded by the pool.

My mother exercises three mornings a week, which keeps her arthritis

somewhat in check and has helped her keep mobile. In addition, it gives

her a period of time, away from the house, to socialize with others.

I have also found that the purchase of swim passes, for our family,

has solved the problem of difficult gift giving.

Please, Crescent City, do not close the pool. Even in this difficult

economy, some things should be left alone.

Roberta King

Crescent City

Family seen eating food in garbage, spilled on ground

I saw a homeless family at the park, It was a freezing day in March,

they had so many kids that I could not even count them all. They were

swimming in the duck pond naked.

I saw some of them drinking the water in the duck pond, they also

raided the garbage can because someone had a party and threw away lots

of popcorn and cake, some were even eating the stuff spilled on the

ground, I wanted to call Children's Protective Services, but they would

not do anything for this was a family of wild geese.

They were so cute.

Suzanne Carolyn Cyr

Fort Dick

Car club thanks sponsors, looks forward to new show

The Northern Knights Car Club would like to thank all of its

sponsors, the Crescent City Harbor and the community for supporting our

"Cool Northern Nights on the Coast" car show for the past eight years.

Although we will no longer be having our car show at the Crescent

City Harbor, we are looking forward to working side by side with the

Crescent City/Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce to continue offering

the Sea Cruise Car Show.

We will also continue our participation with offering scholarships to

Del Norte High School students.

The Northern Knights would also like to thank the Crescent City Car

Club for its hard work and dedication over the past 20 years.

Antonio Martell

Northern Knights Car Club