Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Daughters's broken hip a warning against unleashed dogs on beach

In recent days I have been reading about unleashed dogs running looking for whatever devilry they can find.

Last July 17 my daughter took our dog for a walk on Pebble Beach, it was about 7 o'clock in the evening, not a person or dog on the beach. I stayed in the car but could see them at all times.

About 20 minutes later a car pulled up, the man got out and let two dogs out of the car. The one dog looked like a Chow mix. The Chow took one look at my daughter and our dog and took off running right for them. I was so scared, not knowing what was going to happen.

Our dog was a young Doberman about 3 years old, never had been in any

fights, and never acted aggressive and never needed to. The Chow hit my

daughter going at full speed, and knocked her off her feet and

attracting our dog.

Our Doberman was still on a lead that was held by my daughter. Thank

goodness when our dog tore into the other dog the Chow stopped and

stayed back. My daughter was still on the ground and could not get up

and was in great pain. The man finally sent his daughter, who was about

11 years old, down to get their dog.

My daughter's hip was broken, and they did nothing to help her up

from the beach, they just left here there. Our dog never left my

daughter's side; he lied down next to her and guarded her from the other

dog. The owners of the Chow just went on walking south on the beach,

never stopping to ask if my daughter needed help.

I was so scared. I am unable to walk without help, and therefore I

could not help my daughter. She was finally able to stand up and with

the help of our dog hobble up to the car. She ended up in the hospital

with a broken hip, flown to Eureka and now walks with a cane and a limp.

If the Chow had been on a leash none of this would have happened. So I

am pleading with those persons who think it is okay to let their dog

loose on the beach, please don't do it, please keep your dog on a leash.

Eva Alton

Crescent City