Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Housekeepers, home care workers deserve more pay

I have been a home care worker for the past 14 years, and before that I was an executive housekeeper.

Working in both home care and housekeeping you learn a lot about the level of respect. When I was in housekeeping, I learned we were looked at as if we were on the bottom of the barrel and treated like it. We got minimum wages while other departments were making good money.

Home care has a lot in common with housekeeping. We also are looked

upon as if we were in the bottom of the barrel and the level of respect

is about the same. We're making low wages while other programs doing

the same work are cruising by making good money.

One thing I've learned about housekeeping and home care workers is that we are the key to getting the day started.

It's time to acknowledge the home care workers for who they really

are and be given a much deserved raise for the hard work they do.

I support the home care workers.

Joseph Fernandez

Crescent City

Time to raise pool fees, turn off Christmas lights at Fire Hall

I was told that if we build a new wastewater treatment plant we

would solve our inflow problems. Now I read that the city is going to

spend most of the Community Development Block Grant funds to fix the old

pipes along Second Street. Then I see that they want to take money for

the pool.

For years the pool has lost money for the city. We, the taxpayers,

have carried it, not the users. Maybe at the City Council our leaders

should think about a price increase, or is it time they sell it to a

private party?

I laugh every time I walk by the Fire Hall. When is our fire chief

going to realize that Christmas is over and to turn off the holiday


I would like to know what the city's bill to Pacific Power is every

month. You would think that the city would be finding ways to save

money. Maybe one way it could save money is by turning off lights

serving no purpose.

Richard Miles

Crescent City