Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Time to prepare for important decisions in primary election

The seemingly never-to-end campaigning, which has given us little information about plans to improve our sick economy, continuing aggression around the world, unaffordable health care and a tax code that does nothing other than enrich accountants is drawing to a close

In about 10 weeks we will go to the polls to vote in the primary for the person we feel will lead our country out of this dismal morass in which we find ourselves.

Discouraging to the point of keeping one away from the voting booth,

there is no chance for a recovery reflecting interests of ordinary

citizens unless they are registered with the party best reflecting their

goals. Those who have turned 18 since the last election need to

register so they can participate in this important adult duty. Those who

are so disillusioned with how their political party is performing, who

have joined splinter groups, i.e. the Tea Party, which will have no

candidates or issues on the ballot, may want to change their

registration to "decline to state."

There are two main political parties and three third parties from

which to choose and it is important to become acquainted with the

philosophy and goals of each before making a choice. Don't continue an

affiliation out of habit or because your family has always supported

that group. Make your decision based on your own values and priorities.

If you feel you can't abide the philosophy of any one of the parties:

Republican, Democratic, or one of the large third parties such as

American Independent or Green, register as "decline to state." Then do

your best to understand what each candidate finds important and plans to

emphasize should he/she be elected. Failure to become informed, make a

decision and cast a ballot means you have no right to complain or

disparage those who are elected.

If you have found in the past that physical conditions have kept you

from your polling place, request a mail-in/absentee ballot. There is no

good excuse for not voting other than intellectual inability to

understand and make choices.

Lois Munson

Crescent City