Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Need place for 50 seniors to gather to improve nutrition

One day in Safeway, my friend Patty Abbey saw an elderly woman counting the items in her cart to see if she could pay for them.

She told Patty that she had $40 to last three weeks. Patty shared her coupons with the woman, who then had enough good food to last.

Patty was moved by this experience and went on to talk to the manager at Safeway about helping seniors get more for their food dollars. Safeway jumped on board and gave us boxes of food items plus bags to carry them home.

She and I have been looking for a free place to hold a coupon workshop and to hand out these gifts from Safeway. The city said it had no free space, the fire hall wants $100. The Del Norte Senior Center wants a use fee.

We are two individuals who are deeply committed to helping our older community members have better nutrition with the help of couponing.

We need a welcoming place for 50 seniors to learn the art of couponing. Is there somewhere in the community that we could use for two hours for this much-needed service to our seniors?

Sharon McKinney

Crescent City

No tax dollars were used in purchase of pizzas for inmates

Regarding the March 31 letter, "Appalled at buying pizzas for inmates," one should get the facts straight before sounding off on the conditions of these prisoners.

Yes, these pizzas were ordered, and paid for, by the prisoners themselves. On the weekends, family members come from afar and prisoners are allowed to order food to share with them.

In this economy, any business that will help out local businesses to stay afloat is good for Crescent City.

No tax dollars were used for this, and in fact the prisoners are helping us all here in Crescent City. So before stones are thrown, think of the positive of a prison town.

Josie Ruiz

Crescent City