Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Sheriff's Dispatch, Fort Dick firefighters to the rescue during precarious situation

Kudos to our fire services. On Friday, March 30, during the high winds, we had a dead redwood tree that was breaking away from its roots and threatening to crash down on our propane tank.

I didn't know who to contact, so my first thought was the Del Norte Sheriff's Dispatch. The dispatcher stated that she would handle who needed to be contacted and in no time the Fort Dick Fire Dept was on the scene and evaluating the situation.

They agreed that the tree was in a precarious position and they stood

by, in case the tree fell onto the propane tank. Two other

firefighters, whose names I failed to obtain, responded to our residence

with chain saws and felled the dead redwood to prevent it from falling

onto the propane tank.

I wish to thank all of those personnel involved, from the Sheriff's

Dispatch to the Fort Dick firefighters who stood by and ultimately the

two Firefighters who cut the tree down.

Great job. Thank God for their dedication to our community.

Gene Favilla

Crescent City