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Finigan off-base on Smith River

What is wrong with Supervisor David Finigan? As reported in the Triplicate, ("Coho plan has county up in arms," March 31), Finigan went out of his way recently to publicly bash the draft Coho Recovery Plan presented to the Board of Supervisors.

Finigan made statements demonstrating willful ignorance of matters of critical importance to Del Norte citizens. He alleged, for example, that "nobody is looking at what is happening in the ocean" - suggesting that ocean conditions are responsible for the coho's decline. Oh really? If ocean conditions are responsible for the lack of coho in our rivers, why are chinook and steelhead plentiful this year while coho remain rare?

Supervisor Finigan alleges that "there's a bullseye on ag." I guess that means Finigan thinks it was the environmentalists and not the creator who ordained that coho would live in the Smith River estuary. Coho need small, low gradient streams; in our county those streams occur mostly adjacent to estuaries.

Instead of complaining about the lack of water quality data, Finigan

and these other supervisors ought to order county environmental health

workers to follow up on the most recent test by the Water Quality Board.

That test found an acutely toxic chemical used on the bulb farms in a

watercourse leading directly to the Smith River estuary.

Del Norte County should not only test surface run-off from those

fields but also private drinking water wells adjacent to the bulb

fields. If the supervisors want to retain jurisdiction over groundwater

they better pay close attention to potential contamination of drinking

water wells. The supervisors should also lead development of a local

coho recovery plan; if they will lead the citizens will support and

contribute to the effort.

But apparently this group of supervisors would rather showboat by

browbeating government workers. They continue to stick their heads in

the sand with respect to problems at the lily bulb farms when they

should be encouraging transition to non-toxic bulb farming.

Finigan needs to understand where he lives and who elected him. If he

wants to be an anti-environmental, anti-salmon supervisor he ought to

move to Siskiyou County, where he will feel more at home.

Del Norte citizens deserve leaders who will work for salmon recovery and who will protect surface and groundwater quality.

Felice Pace


Fighting dogs on the loose

On Wednesday, April 4, my employee, Micaela Curtis, broke up a fight between a pit bull and a Rottweiller.

One dog had gotten out chasing a female in heat. The other is just

let out until he goes home. Both are not neutered and they were fighting

in the middle of the road.

I was hoping this would make an interesting piece to let people know

why it is so important to spay and neuter. As well as Micaela's heroics

in breaking up the fight before it got lethal.

With the Wild Feline Auction coming up in May to benefit the spay and

neuter program, along with all the help people can get from the Humane

Society, this shouldn't be happening.

Julie Blaha

Smith River

'Monologues': Way to go

"The Vagina Monologues" in Crescent City?

Way to go.

Rita M. Daley

Crescent City

Obama threat to Constitution

On Oct 12, 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama told "Joe the

plumber" that "when you spread the wealth around it's good for

everybody. On Oct 31, 2008, candidate Obama said that "we are five days

away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

Can anyone thinking of voting for President Obama explain what he

means by these two statements? I think he truly believes that America

must do away with the Constitution as written and follow the thinking of

Karl Marx who popularized the phrase "from each according to his

ability, to each according to his needs" in his speech in 1875 "critique

of the Gotha program."

President Obama has been forcing programs that will enlarge the

federal government at the expense of freedom for states and individuals.

For example: Obamacare will reduce the quality of care because it will

add millions to the medical roll without adding medical staff. It will

bring Medicare to the brink of bankruptcy.

What no liberal will tell us is that Obamacare will create 159 new

boards and commissions that will control who will get care and who will


President Obama told us the cost would be $940 billion, now the

Congressional Budget Office states the cost will be $1.76 trillion; have

you heard our elected officials tell us this "good" news? No they are

all liberals.

With America $16 trillion in debt and this president spending us into

bankruptcy, liberals keep us from developing our petroleum, coal, and

nuclear assets. They want us to buy from other countries energy we have

in abundance - how stupid is that?

Obama has reduce petroleum development on federal land by 275,000

barrels daily, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Lastly, you can know him by the company he keeps. He hired Van Jones

as special advisor for green jobs. Attorney General Eric Holder refused

to try cases against the New Black Panthers. Holder is suing several

states who want to stop illegal immigration.

President Obama is using his methods to alienate and marginalize groups he does not like.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City