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Coach, PE teacher Eric Epperson will be missed greatly at Crescent Elk School

I am writing this letter about Coach Eric Epperson, who passed away suddenly last week.

Mr. Epperson was a teacher, a coach and a friend to the students at Crescent Elk Middle School. He will be missed by his students, his basketball players and all the faculty at the school.

He would have been my coach next year and I will really miss the opportunity to play for him. His legacy will live on since Coach Epperson's initials are the same as Crescent Elk. Go CE!

Parker Thompson


Crescent Elk

Democrats use wordplay to seem more caring and desirous of improving lives

Have you noticed how Democrats sometimes use labels to disguise their

true natures and to shed their notions of a shopworn party identity -

such as the word "liberal"?

This they do by making themselves appear to be more caring and

innocent and imbued with a feverish desire to improve the lot of the

proletariat. For instance, consider this 1951 letter to six-times

presidential candidate Norman Thomas from his friend, novelist/activist

Upton Sinclair: "The American People will take Socialism, but they won't

take the label ... Running on the socialist ticket (in California), I

got 60,000 votes, and running on the slogan, 'End Poverty in

California,' I got 879,000 ..." Thus spoke Mr. Sinclair, a lion of the

early socialist movement.

Taking their cue from Sinclair, some Democrats have become political

chameleons when it suited their purpose. For instance, you may have

noticed that Hillary Clinton and other liberals have adopted the mantle

of "progressive," instead of "liberal." After all, "progressive" sounds

so modern, so caring, so enlightened.

Question: Is Hillary thus co-opting Sinclair's identity-change method in order to fool the public?

Can you doubt it? After all, we know from experience that pandering to the poor has always worked for Democrats.

One more thing. When considering our progressive/Big Government's

"soak the rich" mantra, read this warning from Thomas Jefferson: "The

democracy will cease to exist when you take from those who are willing

to work and give to those who are not."

You think?

Carter Swart

Crescent City

DA Jon Alexander is fulfilling promises made during his campaign for election

I am expressing gratitude for the fine performance Jon Alexander is providing Del Norte County as district attorney.

When campaigning for the office Jon made some clear, bold promises.

During these months of service he has more than fulfilled his word,

having performed the District Attorney's Office duties well beyond

previous levels.

Our DA is backing up local law enforcement, efficiently and

expeditiously pursuing prosecutions and representing and protecting our

citizenry in a manner that meets all expectations.

I am proud to have supported him and am fortunate to count him among my friends.

Dan Harrison

Fort Dick

Attack on Finigan unwarranted; where's the evidence Smith River is toxic to salmon?

Felice Pace recently wrote a very critical letter about county

Supervisor David Finigan ("Finigan off-base on Smith River," April 7)

and his handling of the coho salmon plan.

Pace went so far as to imply that Mr. Finigan needed to realize where

he lives and who his constituents are, and should probably move to

Siskiyou County.

No, Mr. Pace, after doing several Google searches about you and your

environmental views, I think you should move back to Siskiyou County and

finish your unfinished, and of course unbiased, business saving the

wolverine, Klamath Basin farms, and challenging the personal property

rights of tax-paying citizens.

From my understanding, the lily bulb farmers are to blame for the

demise of the coho salmon run on the Smith. Where's the evidence? Why

haven't other fish stocks been affected? Are you aware, Mr. Pace, that

the Smith River is expecting a record run of salmon this year? That is,

of course, if the returning fish can survive the toxic cocktail known as

the Smith River estuary.

Mr. Pace, are you aware that the Smith historically ranks first or second in the continental United States for water purity?

I have a simple question, Mr. Pace. If the coho salmon are so

endangered, as the coho plan would have us believe, why are 8,000 coho

allowed to be taken by sport fisherman in the Brookings area next

season? Sometimes things just don't make sense.

If you'd like more information about him, please go to Google and

search for "Felice Pace." It makes for very interesting reading.

Rick Smith

Crescent City