Regarding John Merte's April 10 letter ("Supervisor candidate has implausible plan for county") in which he criticizes the Triplicate's coverage of candidate Bill Gray's speech to the GOP women:

I doubt that a lunch meeting with Supervisor Martha McClure speaking, held by a Democratic women's group, would go without notice by this newspaper. And I am sure the article would be all about Martha's views and be above the fold on the front page.

But, this is not the real reason for my writing, and I write this as a

concerned mother and grandmother, not necessarily as president of Del

Norte County Republican Women Federated.

President Obama's Good

Friday economic summit for women evolved into another discussion on

women's reproductive rights. Why? Because after telling women they

should have a right to join the board at Augusta, there wasn't much else

to talk about.

In the last three years, unemployment for women

has risen. In the last three years, poverty for women has risen. One in

six Americans is in poverty, most of them women. So, he changes the

subject to women's reproductive rights. Does he really think that's all

we know?

Lets start with Ms. Fluke. She made a big splash one

day, demanding to testify before a congressional committee that was not

discussing anything that pertained to her. So she, with the help of U.S.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, then spoke before another committee, convened just

for her benefit.

She spoke of her enrollment at Georgetown

University Law School, a Catholic University. She spoke of the need for

the university to provide $1,000 per year in free birth control pills,

in the name of women's health.

Birth control pills and condoms can

easily be obtained at free clinics all over the D.C. area, or at

Walmart for about $10 per month. Knowing this, what else does she

demand. Abortion? The morning after pill? Why didn't she and her

cronies go to Harvard or Yale, good non-Catholic schools? Was the plan

to undermine the religious rights of a Catholic institution? Undermine

the First Amendment to the Constitution?

I was recently told by a

family member that she "just wanted government (meaning Republicans) to

stay out of her reproductive rights," but at the same time she wants the

government to pay for and support them. You can' have it both ways,

girls. And with Obamacare you will have a government committee deciding

those rights.

To sum it up. This whole thing, women's rights, is just a ploy to get women's votes. Why would any thinking woman fall for it?


women are more concerned with keeping or finding jobs. Thinking women

are more concerned about paying for gas and groceries. Thinking women

won't be tricked into ignoring the state of the economy, the destruction

of the family and her American dream!

Virginia Walworth is a Crescent City resident.