Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hope that truck thief will experience character change

As some of you may already know, my truck was stolen Tuesday in broad daylight (around 9:45 a.m.) from a store parking lot. If you are wondering, there were no keys left in it and the doors were locked.

First, I want to thank everyone, including law enforcement, who stopped what they were doing to help look for my truck. Unfortunately, so far it has not been located.

Secondly, I want to talk about karma. Some people would call it "Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you." I like to think of it in more scientific terminology.

My experience tells me that our thoughts (whatever they may be, good,

neutral or bad) have a life of their own. That is to say, if I was to

think about how much I love my daughter, that thought would remain with

me for a period of time and be reflected in my mood, attitude and

actions. Also, if I think about how important it was to be a positive

participant in my community, then that thought would also stay with me

and influence my actions.

On the other side, the bad side, it would work the same. If someone

had thoughts on how to harm others, steal, or be a burden to our

community, then those thoughts would also have a life of their own and

their actions would reflect those thoughts.

Now here is my confession. I have not always had good or beneficial

thoughts. When I was young I thought in a self-centered manner; thoughts

like "I want it now, the world should revolve around me and my

self-centered needs," and it did not matter who suffered in the process.

At some point in time I was able to look at myself and, thank God, I

was remorseful for what I saw. I think that was the start of the new me.

From that point forward I have tried to undo the damage I have done and

make an effort to make my world (my community) a better place because I

was given a second chance.

However, I have not forgotten the dark place I came from and I have

empathy for those who are still stuck in the world of bad, dark

thoughts. My hope is they will have an opportunity to experience the

good or beneficial side of life and that experience will change them


Michael Roach

Crescent City

It's time for Del Norte to replace McClure, McNamer

Although I have officially changed my residence from Crescent City, I

make it a point to stay in touch with many friends and colleagues as I

return to town to work on various projects. I also try to keep up with

the local politics and goings-on.

Approximately four years ago I decided to engage myself in Del Norte

County and Crescent City politics to make a positive, constructive

contribution. After losing to incumbent county Supervisor Martha McClure

by 20 votes, I ended up in public service with the City of Crescent

City, for which I am grateful to have had the privilege of serving for

more than three years.

It was my intention to once again mount a serious campaign against

McClure, this time winning. Unfortunately, the fortunes of fate altered

my plans. So the election season is once again upon us; that is why I am

writing at this time. The opportunity for real change exists now with

respect to the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors' forthcoming


After too many years of marginal, liberal agenda leadership, it's

time to create change for the positive. These ongoing, most challenging

of economic times demand new solutions, and leadership for the same old

and new local, regional problems. That's why I'm excited about

personally endorsing Roger Gitlin for District 1 supervisor and Bill

Gray for District 2 supervisor! Both of these candidates represent

"smaller government," conservative values and reasonable, responsible,

visionary leadership.

Supervisors Martha McClure and Leslie McNamer, sorry ladies, but it's

time you move on and real "change" is implemented the Del Norte County.

It was about a year ago this time that McClure stated adamantly to the

Tea Party gathering that there was no way to streamline the Del Norte

County Solid Waste Authority, while her colleagues Mike Sullivan and

Gerry Hemmingsen, emphatically indicated "streamlining" was possible.

Which kind of leadership do you want in these times of demanding,

non-agendized, responsive leadership for your county? Candidates Roger

Gitlin and Bill Gray understand, respect and will uphold the values of

our Constitution.

At the end of the day, it takes three votes at the "Board" to move

things ahead. Vote for real "change" for Del Norte County, Gitlin and


Charles Slert