Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Supervisor candidate hasimplausible plan for county

The March 22 front-page article titled "GOP women hear candidate for supervisor" sure was a lopsided way to report the campaigns for county supervisors. Free front-page advertising is hard to get. The first portion of this article read like it was a campaign flyer for Bill Gray.

The article doesn't mention his involvement with the local Tea Party and its backwards agenda.The article focused almost entirely on Bill Gray and his implausible plan to save us.

First he touts his "vision" and "management" as the solution but that is just meaningless generalities. He says he will sue the state to get the $208,000 due for tax compensation for Department of Fish and Game lands. But that is trivial compared to the millions the county wants to rebuild the harbor; let alone all the other state payments and service to Del Norte County and its residents. So will he irritate the state and loose us support for the big ticket stuff?

Gray talks about Del Norte County having a surplus in the future and using that to subsidize business. First it is wishful thinking to think the county will have a surplus. Then why is a Tea Party candidate advocating the county subsidize businesses?

For years while Gray was a business lawyer in Southern California, Supervisor McClure was working for us in Del Norte County as well as teaching our youth. Now she is also on the Coastal Commission representing the North Coast and giving voice to Del Norte's concerns. A voice we would lose if Gray is elected.

I strongly urge the Triplicate to cover McClure the same way they covered Mr. Gray's speech. Please Triplicate, remain a neutral reporter in these non-partisan supervisor races.

John Mertes

Crescent City

'Other Views' opinion doesn't apply to Del Norte residents

The Triplicate can call the editorials from other newspapers "Other Views," but once you publish it, it's your view.

I'm speaking of the Riverside Press-Enterprise editorial in Saturday's paper. It quotes Esmail Adibi of the A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research at Chapman University. "... somebody making $250,000 in Kansas maybe is rich, but not in California. They're comfortable here. But this tax increase would make them uncomfortable." The $250,000 figure is where Governor Brown's tax increase would kick in for singles. For families, it would be $500,000.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the median household income for 2006-2010 in California, in 2010 dollars, is $60,883. In Del Norte County, it's $36,118. Per capita income in Del Norte County is $18,974.

I don't know what the editorial staff of the Triplicate is thinking, but I do know that the 1 percent of people at the top of the income scale don't live in this county, and so are unlikely to read our local paper.

The whole article is an insult to anyone who is trying to live on an average income, who has children in public school classes of 35-40 students, or who has retired or expects to retire on considerably less than $250,000 per year after years as a teacher, police officer, or other public servant.

We deserve a paper that represents the people who actually live here.

Barry Wendell

Crescent City

Editor's note: "Other Views" editorials are selected to represent a cross-section of viewpoints from other newspapers. As with letters to the editor, the fact that they are printed in the Triplicate does not necessarily mean this newspaper shares the viewpoint.