Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Yellow ribbon's placement at vet's office was inappropriate

Who tied the yellow ribbons around the front entrance of Crescent Animal Medical?

Veterinarian Mark Martello was arrested on suspicion of for solicitation for sex, possession of concentrated cannabis and possession of a controlled substance!

Yellow ribbons are hung with hopes and prayers for the safe return of

those who serve in our military. Come on people, have some respect for

our military!

Wendy Beeson

Crescent City

Story on more serious charges should have been on front page

I recently moved back to Crescent City and was appalled to see some

articles on the front page of the Triplicate on April 19. I don't know

anyone involved in either incident.

There were two separate arrest articles, including photographs, of

local people placed on the front page. Why would the Triplicate place

these two arrest articles on the front page while putting the following,

seemingly more serious offenses deeper into the newspaper?

An article about a "dangerous parolee" arrested in possession of

weapons, ammunition, drugs, mask and gloves was placed on page A3 in the

April 17 Triplicate.

In the same issue, an article regarding a "million dollar drug deal"

and worldwide conspiracy involving 15 people who could face life

sentences was placed on page B4.

Does this demonstrate fair and equal reporting for everyone? It might

sell newspapers, but was this really meant to embarrass or harass our

local citizens? Does one person's mistake justify the lack of

professional judgment shown by our newspaper in this instance?

Will these misplaced articles add to more empty buildings and failing businesses in our area?

Frank Bridges

Crescent City

Government spending makes a positive difference in Del Norte

We all depend on government services. Private businesses depend on the harbor, the airport, the hospital and the highways.

Already planned is a $24 million harbor reconstruction, and a $10 million airport expansion.

United Airlines receives a rural air subsidy from the FAA to provide

three daily flights to Crescent City. That's corporate welfare, without

which we would have no commercial airline.

Without publicly funded health-care dollars, including special rural

subsidies, employee benefits, and Medicare, Medi-Cal, AIM, CMSP, and

Healthy Families, Sutter Coast Hospital, Del Norte Ambulance, and

Cal-Ore Lifeflight could not afford to operate in our community.

Additionally, our private doctors depend on these same insurance


Without the hundreds of millions we spend on highways and roads,

landslides and fallen trees would rapidly make our road system


What of fire protection, police, corrections, tsunami warnings, Coast Guard, and forestry?

There is no doubt that there is room for improvement in how

government provides services. Only yesterday I had a conversation with

the county administrative officer about the need to flatten management

layers in county government. It would save enough money to restore

furloughed services and stabilize the county's health plan.

Government makes a positive difference in all of our lives.

Lathe Gill

Crescent City

Murder and mayhem should be the only offenses meriting prison

I am offended and outraged that a multitude of my friends are getting put in jail or prison.

Why? Because they have used a powerful substance, crystal meth.

Why? Because making money by putting people behind bars is the government's best-kept secret!

There are 2,248 prisons in the U.S. If they are not stopped, I fear for our children and grandchildren.

Law enforcement should read "our" Constitutional rights and "our"

Bill of Rights (District Attorney Jon Alexander, reread). Murder and

mayhem are the only chargeable, incarceratable offenses, which I'm sure

you officers are committing daily.

This must stop, point blank, period.

Misty LeMunyon

Crescent City

Contradictions in Pres. Obama's energy development policies

President Obama has an energy policy with two faces; what he says vs.

what his administration does. On March 15, 2012, Obama stated, "we

can't have an energy strategy for the last century that traps us in the

past. We need an energy strategy for the future, an all-of-the-above

strategy that develops every source of American-made energy.

Dr. Chu, a physicist, heads the energy department. What is his

philosophy? In 2008 he said he believes we should have gasoline prices

equal to European prices; about double our cost.

Obama plans to loan, through the Import/Export bank, $2 billion to

Brazil to drill in its off-shore waters for petroleum and said he wants

America to be among its best customers. Why does he not want to develop

our own extensive petroleum fields and keep our money here? His

administration refuses to issue leases to petroleum companies in a

timely manner.

Obama said in his State of the Union address on Jan. 24, 2012, "Some

technologies don't pan out; some companies fail. But I will not walk

away from the promise of clean energy."

Here are some of his promised clean energy companies: Solyndra

received $573 million, then went bankrupt.George Kaiser owned 35 percent

of Solyndra and was a "bundler" for Obama's 2008 election, (he raised

more than $100,000 for Obama.) Leucadia Energy approved for $1.6 billion

has received $260 million to create jobs, 18 months later, in December

2010 it had three employees. Fisker Automobile, which builds $90,000

sports cars, received $520 million. One of the top investors is former

Vice President Al Gore.

Another example of pay for play is Abound Solar, which received $400

million in grants. One of the first investors was Pat Stryker, a

Colorado billionaire and Obama supporter who gave $87,000 to Obama's

Inauguration Committee.

As you can see this president remembers his large donors with

generous loans and positions within his administration; which is the

"Chicago-style" politics, and he wants us to believe he is serious about

energy development. A good source of information is found in "Throw

Them All Out" by Peter Schweizer and Wikipedia.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City