Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Yellow ribbons have long history signifying many different things

In response to Wendy Beeson's April 26 letter, "Yellow ribbon's placement at vet's office was inappropriate," we live in such a small town and yet no one seems to know who put the yellow ribbons around the front entrance of Crescent Animal Medical Center.

You imply that it was disrespectful to the military? Apparently you are unaware that the yellow ribbon has a multitude of meanings. We commonly associate yellow ribbons with the Gulf War as we all began seeing them in large numbers and it caught on in a big way to show support for our troops.

The yellow ribbon actually dates back over 400 years and holds a very important place in our hearts and in the culture of the people of Western Christendom. Yellow ribbons have been kept to remember someone missing and pray for their safe return. They were put out for the American hostages in Iran back in 1981.

Yellow ribbons stand for bladder and testicular cancer, liver disease, hydrocephalus, suicide prevention and hope.

Mark Martello has put his heart and soul into his practice and has

done so much good for so many animals, people and our community. Sounds

like Doc is going through some trying times presently.

Bear with me now, but I'm going to take a completely crazy, wild

guess and say somebody put those ribbons in front of his office to

signify hope and let him know that there are people here that care about

him and are praying for his safe return.

There is no disrespect to our troops here to write about. Just

someone thoughtful showing support for a person they care about with

some yellow ribbons.

Gary and Donna Eller

Crescent City

Ridiculous views on candidates, issues typical of Dale L. Bohling

In his April 28 letter, "McClure may wish to revise her statement on

OWS," Dale L. Bohling thinks Supervisor Martha McClure is less than


Mr. Bohling seems to rate the comments of Supervisor Leslie McNamer,

Councilwoman Donna Westfall, and McClure on a self-created scale of more

charming to less charming. I would say that we elected none of these

women because of an ability to appear charming to Dale Bohling.

I have seen the campaign material and public commentary of their

opponents. Should I judge them based on their level of charm, or would

that be ridiculous?

Ridiculous, I think - as ridiculous as painting Martha McClure as

some kind of anarchist because she says she would support the First

Amendment rights of an Occupy protest. Also ridiculous was degenerating

further to paint the Occupy movement as vile in itself, while making

comparison to the Tea Party, as if they were the good to the evil of


Try this. State a belief (you don't have to believe it, just state

it). Keep it simple, e.g., "X is Y." Run it through your favorite search

engine, and you will find, hundreds or thousands or millions of hits in

agreement with the belief. Then, run "X is not Y." You will find,

hundreds or thousands or millions of hits in agreement with the belief.

None of them prove anything.

There are three points here: 1) Despite the great advantage of access

to immense amount of really, really good data and information, as well

as really, really bad data and misinformation, the Internet, in itself,

is not a tool of critical thinking; 2) Mr. Bohling gets a fair amount of

local ink, and there is not much of it that cannot be found in a

talking points memo from the ALEC affiliate formally known as the

Republican Party, in a right-wing radio talk show, or in a Koch-fueled

Tea Party email; 3) Opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has one.

Pat Gargaetas

Crescent City

Offended and outraged by claim meth users shouldn't be prosecuted

I am offended and outraged by the April 26 letter, "Murder and mayhem

should be the only offenses meriting prison" complaining about people

who are jailed for using crystal meth.

I worry about all the innocent people walking and driving down the

street in fear that a meth head is behind the wheel and might pass out

from days of abusing the drug and kill someone.

Do you realize the long-term effect that meth carries not only to the

user, but to the unborn children exposed to some idiot that uses while


Crescent City town is so beautiful, but is plagued by drug users. I

come here to visit my family and am scared every time I get off the

freeway. I have been to the parks and beaches and have seen people

openly doing drugs where kids play.

You have to be out of your mind to think it is wrong for people to

get arrested for abusing any drug. Yes, the police have better things to

do like patrol the streets to make them safe, but they end up wasting

taxpayers time and money arresting drug users. The county wastes time

and money placing these people's children in foster homes to protect

them while their parents are in jail, wasting taxpayers' money paying

the officers to babysit drug offenders that will soon get out and do it


My advice to get a real job, protect your children and the community,

be a responsible person, live healthy so that the taxpayers won't down

the road pay for a hospital and nursing home to take care of you and

what the drugs have done to your mind and body.

Oh and it would be nice to buy cold medication when I need it and not

have to bother my doctor for a prescription because of people using it

to make drugs. Next I will have to get permission to buy anti-freeze for

my car.

Valerie Teehan

Grants Pass, Ore.

Yellow ribbons traditionally used to show forgiveness of criminals

Regarding the letters about the yellow ribbons hung on a

veterinarian's office door, these ribbons have traditionally been used

not just for our returning servicemen.

For many years they have been used as a signal to criminals returning

home from jail that their families are willing to forgive them.

David Wardale

Crescent City

Kudos to Cole's enthusiastic willingness to teach disc golf

It comes as no surprise to me that Ron Cole won his disc golf title

("Local, Cole, wins disc golf winter series," April 7). Nevertheless,

congratulations to him!

Earlier in the school year, I called Ron and asked him if he would

give my class of students from McCarthy School an introductory lesson.

His response was enthusiastic.

He volunteered to meet the class at the Beachfront Park course. What a

gentleman! What a coach! What an athlete! My students couldn't have

received better instruction.

As for me personally, of such quality was the instruction that if I

could put all that he taught me into practice, I'd give him a good run

for his money in a competition one day.

Thanks to Ron and all of the enthusiasts in our community who have

played a part in making this game accessible to all - especially for our


Evan Wise

Crescent City