Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Leave pot dispensaries alone, and go after real drug dealers

I am writing in regards to the recent raid on one of the medical marijuana dispensaries here in town.

I feel everyone needs to just leave the dispensaries alone. The dispensaries and the people that use/run them are not hurting anyone. Medical marijuana is a medicine, not a drug.

Marijuana helps people just like me and you every day. Some people couldn't have a day without pain without it.

I think the county should leave the dispensaries alone and go after

the real drug dealers. Like the ones doing and selling meth or one of

the many other drug Crescent City has.

The marijuana plant is natural. It's an herb. Just because one

person gets into trouble for something he did, others shouldn't be

punished for it.

So in closing the dispensaries should reopen and stay open. If they

don't reopen the county is not fixing any problems. It's only making

things worst. Now people are buying marijuana illegally.

Walter Boyd Jr.

Crescent City

Don't understand Gray response to candidates' questionnaire

As I read the May 1 edition I took interest in reading all the supervisor candidates' information.

It was nice to be able to take a quick look into the people who want to help make decisions for our community.

I do not know Bill Gray, but I have one question: Is he serious? He

put no information about his volunteer work except to say "yes."

We have many issues in our community, yet he spoke of none. He

chose to be mean-spirited and not reveal anything positive about


Not sure what kind of campaign strategy this is, but it was not in good taste.

Benita Cabrera

Crescent City

Martello's office open; whatever he did is none of our business

Whatever Dr. Martello did or didn't do on his own time is frankly none of our business. We are not qualified to judge him.

He is a fine vet. He is open again. Support him if you can.

Gary Johnson

Crescent City

McNamer's record trumps Gitlin's glib, quick-fix solutions

In his April 28 letter, "In support of McClure and Finigan; Gitlin

worth a look," Richard Miles, while apparently willing to throw

experienced County Supervisor Leslie McNamer over the side in favor of

her more glib opponent and his "bumper sticker" quick-fix solutions to

the county's problems, invited us to consider what Supervisor McNamer

has "done for you recently."

Supervisor McNamer has provided us a common-sense, no-nonsense

approach to a wide variety of problems over the past years. She has

served collaboratively with elected and appointed colleagues on various

boards and commissions while working her way up through the ranks to one

of the highest elective offices in the county.

In particular, she personally took time to help our neighborhood

deal successfully with several troublesome "quality of life" matters.

Emphasizing constituent service over ideological agendas, she has

rendered practical, effective service to our district - and to the

county as a whole.

So, Mr. Miles, there's your answer. Be careful what you wish for.

While I've enjoyed watching your guy writing and speaking on local

issues during his short time here, I don't believe that he's ready yet

to assume such a high elective office on his first time out in local

politics. Perhaps, after some service on a few lower levels of local

authority, he can "make his bones" and prove himself ready for prime

time. For now, he remains an unknown quantity, with potentially

unfortunate ties to an "ideological slate" of candidates seeking to take

over the Board of Supervisors.

So, I'm supporting Leslie McNamer for re-election to the Board of Supervisors.

Bill Lonsdale

Crescent City

Candidate's out-of-touch view of county ignores its progress

This Tuesday evening I attended the Triplicate's forum for the

candidates for county supervisor, and heard a statement by Roger Gitlin,

who is running against incumbent Leslie McNamer, that seemed even more

out of touch with Del Norte than his constant refrain that government

was our biggest enemy.

He said that Del Norte County is broken.

Mr. Gitlin, Del Norte County is not broken. Fifty years ago this

town was broken. Back then it was a wide-open fishing and logging town,

the people who worked those jobs had money to burn, and there were

enough drugs and alcohol to satisfy their every desire. And there was no

real attempt by the law of that time to hold that culture in check.

That is all gone today, both the money and the anything-goes

culture. We are adapting to the loss of fishing and logging revenue, and

our city police and Sheriff's Office are working hard and effectively

to make this county safe for all.

This town has come light-years from the Wild West,

bar-on-every-block place it was, and our county supervisors are largely

responsible for that.

Your opponent, Leslie McNamer, has been working effectively on that

board for many years, and has shown herself capable of learning the

ropes and of working effectively with the other supervisors. She

understands that this county may have many challenges that need hard

work and vision and leadership, but it is not broken.

Michael W. Tompkins

Crescent City

Won't someone please take pity on neglected areas of cemetery?

I wish I was a Catholic, I wish I was a veteran. They keep their

part of the Crescent City Cemetery mowed on a regular basis. The only

time the "Odd Fellows" area is mowed is when someone writes a letter to

the editor or for Memorial Day.

Everyone comes out on Memorial Day and they like to put up a good

front for the community. We don't just go out once a year. The "Odd

Fellows" part of the cemetery was not even mowed for Easter. We took

fresh flowers out on April 27 and it still was not mowed. Now I see why

it is called the "Odd Fellows."

I regret that we have bought four plots in this area. It was bad

enough six years ago, but has been let go even more now. The dandelions

are the only plant that flourishes in this area. The promises for water

are only promises. If I could start a lawn mower I would mow it myself.

Please, will someone in this community come forward with a

permanent solution to this blight problem that keeps being overlooked?

If the cemetery is in the city limits, the city blight ordinance should

apply, otherwise the county blight ordinance. Somebody, please care.

Rachel Towe

Crescent City

As illegal drug use spirals out of control, incarceration is vital

Regarding the April 26 letter, "Murder and mayhem should be the

only offenses meriting prison," the writer is offended and outraged that

some of her friends are being put in jail and prison because of meth.

Guess what, so are we, but for very different reasons. We are

offended because the illegal use of drugs is spiraling out of control.

The writer mentioned the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and ask

District Attorney Jon Alexander to re-read them. Maybe the writer and

her friends need to do the studying here, because Jon is knowledgeable

in his arena.

Daryl Webster

Crescent City