Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Reasons to support candidates Gitlin and Gray for supervisor

Wow! The letters in last Saturday's paper really caught my attention. Gay McWhirter was right - Martha McClure was booed loudly for her suggestion that we all go along with Jerry Brown's proposed tax increase. While I in no way align myself with Ms. McClure's way of thinking I was impressed with the determination in which she presented it.

Letter-writer Richard Miles says he will vote for McClure but not for Leslie McNamer stating that we need to ask ourselves "what has McNamer done for us recently?" That is a good question to ask this election. I am not in District 1, but if I was I would vote for Roger Gitlin. I do not think the Triplicate accurately reflected Mr. Gitlin's comments in its article, but he is a bit right of center and so less likely to be accurately quoted.

Mr. Gitlin is enthusiastic about Del Norte County and wants small businesses to be welcomed and not legislated to death before they barely get to open their doors. He actually used local businesses to make his yard signs and handouts - which other candidates kept their money in Del Norte? He is also a friend to the private property owner, an issue near to my heart.

Then there is letter-writer James Ramsey, who stated that any reader

who did not understand why Martha McClure must be returned to office so

she can continue her position on the Coastal Commission "doesn't

understand how government works."

Really? Guess what, Mr. Ramsey. I grew up in Del Norte County and for

better or worse I attended the local schools and went on to college,

married an Army man and traveled the world. I have seen firsthand how

other governments work as well as my own.

When elected officials do not represent your views you have the

ability to let them know your displeasure with your vote. I spent five

years and tens of thousands of dollars fighting the Coastal Commission

to be able to build my home on my land with my money - all without the

help of our local supervisors.

We "won" our right to build our home but at great cost. I know all

too well how the government works at the local and state level, and I

will be voting for Bill Gray because at the very least he despises the

Coastal Commission as much as I do.

Tamara Trask

Crescent City

Teacher has done a great service for students in high school play

I have to write in and tell our community what talent we have among

our young adults from Del Norte High School.

The play this past week with different spoofs in it was very

cheerful. The ones involved deserve kudos for the play. I would hope

some of them go on to drama school in college.

The teacher has done a great service to let these young adults spread

their wings.

Not all young adults have this opportunity to vent to such a good

cause. Please rethink your prospects and try for drama in high school

and not throw out your future.

Oh, yeah, the yellow ribbons on Dr. Martello were a good thing to do.

He is only human and made a mistake while off his job and like others, I

would like him to come back and do the job just like he had always


Mary Thiessen

Crescent City

Current supervisors grasp how local government works

Thank you for holding the Del Norte County supervisor candidate forum

in order to allow the public an educational format in order to have a

venue to vote in an informative manner.

At the forum it was interesting to note those opposing the incumbents

answers were either inaccurate, vague or both, not to mention critical

of our community as a whole. For example, Martha McClure's opponent, an

attorney by profession, insisted having McClure on the California

Coastal Commission is a conflict of interest with her seat as a county

supervisor when the Coastal Commission Act requires elected officials to

be a part of the board.

Your question in regard to the state and federal governments being of

help and hindrance drew tangential and conflicting answers from the

non-incumbents without recognition that without the state and federal

funding that infrastructure cannot possibly be built without the tax

dollars we pay to them which in turn are funneled back in the form of

grants, etc.

Without the proper infrastructure such as broadband, roads, water and

sewer, no businesses would be willing to invest in a decaying


Granted, jobs and a healthy economy are clearly a priority, yet

cannot be achieved without the necessary infrastructure to support them.

Services are part of local government obligation to the community.

Offering healthy options in services such as First Five and the Del

Norte Child Care Council not only offer educational and recreational

opportunities, they also fund subsidized child care for which those

working poor are able to gain employment, pay taxes and refrain from

what some refer to as generational welfare.

Voters should do more than simply vote for the sake of change.

Voting for those who were able to cite years of community service and

who have dedicated time and effort to educate themselves on the issues,

built strong and meaningful relationships with other entities, social

capital and resources at the expense of their own personal resources in

the best interest of the community as a whole indicate dedication and

resolve to improve the quality of life in Del Norte County. For that I

thank David Finigan, Martha McClure and Leslie McNamer.

Before you vote, ask yourself if you want representation looking at

the glass being half full or half empty. A glass half empty is the view

of someone who does not know the progress we have made in our community.

Mayor Kathryn Murray

Crescent City

Challangers are all newcomers who don't understand Del Norte

I find it hard to believe we have a candidate for supervisor whose

first listing of qualifications for the job in the candidate submissions

to the Triplicate published May 1 included that he has lived here for

six years, but he said at a forum that he never voted here. I think

perhaps he meant he has owned property here for six years, but has never

been involved in community activities.

Furthermore, his lack of understanding of the continuing importance

to this county of the Coastal Commission and what a boon having

representation on that body means to us is alarming. Bill Gray was able

to list a number of problems he can see we face, but I found no

suggested solutions.

It is interesting to notice the four people running for supervisor

against the incumbents are all fairly new to the county. They seem to

feel the long-time residents do not understand the problems faced by all

the tiny northern counties in the state. We do, and although they do

not all agree, our supervisors who have spent many years here work hard

toward solving those problems.

One recommendation to elect Mr. Gray has come from another

out-of-the-area "do-gooder" who came to us solve our problems.

Unfortunately, not only was that person not able to solve our problems,

he was unable to take care of his own which added to our decreasing real

estate values when he allowed his property to go into foreclosure. We

really don't need this kind of help.

Mr. Gray states his one purpose for running is to defeat our

longest-serving, hardest-working, most thorough in preparation for every

meeting supervisor. It is hard to imagine any thinking person would

cast a vote for him.

Martha McClure is well aware of the problems we face. As a business

owner and an advocate for the youth as well as the elderly, she is by

far the better choice.

Lois Munson

Crescent City

Sacrificing weak, old, destitute is no way to build a better county

You can tell a lot about people in three-minute statements.

Roger Gitlin, in your three minutes at the candidates forum you

stated the passions of Del Norters were tourism, garbage and the


I am wondering what group of Del Norters you were talking to.

When you knocked on the door of the old women who said she had no

family and no help, did you ask her why her IHSS provider could no

longer work for her? Did you ask why this women had no money to hire


Or were you just concerned about her messy house sitting in your


You said Del Norte uses the most in food stamps - would you prefer

the hungry starve?

Larry Childs, you stated that a parent who can't pay the rent may use

drugs to escape problems, that children being raised poor may end up as

drug addicts. You said this is how it all starts in poor families.

Are you saying drug abuse is a poor-person problem?

Bill Gray, in your three minutes, you said Del Norte doesn't need

state or federal money. Are you saying state/federal-funded programs for

disadvantaged/disabled are not needed? Is your plan to kick them out of

Del Norte?

I didn't hear anything about the needs of our physically and mentally

disabled. There is one facility for them in DNC. The only place for

them is their homes.

Will you use your bigger airport to fly them to care facilities far

away, reload the plane with people who will be able to stay in their

homes, to make money for Del Norte?

I saw a lot of seniors/disabled people at the forum. As off-subject

as everyone got, not five seconds were taken to address their needs and


Did you miss these Del Norters? You're not going to find them at the

airport. They can't afford to use it.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to build a better county.

Sacrificing the weak/destitute to do it is wrong.

History has shown us people leading with no regards to humanity have

never had long periods of success before it all fell apart.

Del Norte's most precious and vulnerable look to our county leaders

to protect them. I can't believe they took a back seat to garbage,

sewage and junky yards.

Shame on all of you.

Summer Moore

Crescent City