Del Norte Triplicate Readers

McNamer seems to have helped reduce county-city infighting

I have known Leslie McNamer for many years and I was very pleased when she was elected to the Board of Supervisors eight years ago.

In that time, she has worked very hard for District 1 and all of Del Norte County. It used to be that the county was always fighting each other and the city and the county were always suing each other. Since Leslie became a supervisor, there seems to be an effort to work together. That is good, because in this day and age, we can't afford to waste time and money fighting each other.

I am voting for Leslie McNamer for Del Norte County supervisor and I urge all my friends in District 1 to do the same.

Gail Baugh

Crescent City

I expect more decorous code of conduct than OWS follows

In a May 1 letter, "Ridiculous views on candidates, issues typical of

Dale L.Bohling," Pat Gargaetas took issue with my reaction to

Supervisor Martha McClure's endorsement of the concept of an Occupy

Crescent City movement.

In the Tea Party-sponsored forum for supervisorial candidates of

District 2, Bill Gray and Supervisor McClure were asked if they would

support an "Occupy" movement here. Gray answered with a decisive "No"

while Martha McClure responded with an emphatic "Yes," followed quickly

with her explanation that it supported free speech.

In my April 28 letter, "McClure may wish to revise her statement on

OWS," my response to McClure's answer was to point out the manifold

lawless and anti-social behavior that follows that movement wherever it


If my view falls into the category of "ridiculous," then please

excuse my naivete for giving my liberal-minded fellow citizens credit

for expectations of a somewhat more decorous code of conduct.

As to the allegation that it was "also ridiculous" to "paint the OWS

movement as vile in itself, while making comparison to the Tea Party, as

if they were the good to the evil of Occupy," I put forth a fail-proof

litmus test on the comparison; which group would you invite into your


Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

Gitlin has the people skills needed to work together

District 1 supervisor candidate Roger Gitlin takes the time to visit

with the common folks on a daily basis, to convey his vision and

enthusiastic desire to change for the better, Del Norte County!

With a detailed plan he's ready to execute, he will finally bring

more future prosperity to this county, via a well-thought-out plan that I

know only he is capable of procuring and executing.

Roger Gitlin has the patience and "people skills" to work with others as a team, and get things fixed!

We must elect Roger Gitlin and finally get the talent and tenacious

effort that only he can provide and serve this county with, as it's been

long overdue. We here in Del Norte deserve better, we deserve Roger


Dave Egan

Crescent City

Gray's career raises doubt about effort he would put into county

I write concerning the race between Supervisor Martha McClure and

attorney Bill Gray. He's the senior partner of a firm with 11 offices in

two states (10 in California and one in Reno). As managing senior

partner, I wonder how much time he really intends to devote solely to

our growing local problems.

His firm has offices in Reno, Redding, Santa Ana, Sacramento,

Salinas, Oakland, San Luis Obispo, Riverside and two in San Diego!

Having staffs of attorneys, paralegals, investigators and others to

supervise over hundreds of miles leaves me doubting his undivided time

availability to local voters.

Gray's "solution" of picking up the county and shaking out the waste,

drugs and crime sounds cutely cliched, but rings empty of substance.

I suggest the voters return Martha McClure to office. She knows our

problems because she's been here living them for years and is no

late-coming carpetbagger. She's a known quantity whose undivided

attention remains available for all local meetings undistracted by 11

other offices.

Jim Fallman

Crescent City

What should cyclists do when a car is parked in the bike lane?

Regard the May 5 House Calls column, "Summer near, take stock of

bicycle safety," the article was well written and touched on all the

aspects of bike safety.

But what do we do when a car is parked in the bike lane? The problem I have had is that cars are parked in the bike lane.

It is most difficult on Northcrest Boulevard when traffic is heavy

and there is a car parked in the bike lane. The light changes and a

problem happens.

Is there a law about cars parked in the bike lane?

Dorothy Pasch

Crescent City