Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Thanks to City Council for passing noise ordinance

I, for one, would like to thank the City Council for passing an ordinance in helping the local authorities put a half nelson on the over-amplified automobile music - in time a full nelson. Thank you.

If anybody feels the same, please thank the City of Crescent City or the City Council in any way you choose, or just put a happy face on your next 12 or more water bills.

Robert Eilert

Crescent City

Del Norte 50 years ago was better place than it is now

Regarding the May 3 letter by Michael W. Tompkins, "Candidate's

out-of-touch view of county ignores its progress," the Del Norte County

of 50 years ago that he describes is, to put it nicely, fictional; to

put it bluntly, it is totally created from the perspective of someone

who was not here then.

I did live here then, and my husband was a logger, as were his father

and his grandfather. When our sons graduated from high school, they

also became loggers until the environmentalists totally killed this


I can tell you that loggers and fishermen were hard-working men in

very dangerous jobs for which they were paid so-so wages. I did not know

any of them who had "money to burn." My husband and I raised a family

of four children and it was often a struggle financially to make ends


As far as being a "wide-open town," I'm not sure what Mr. Tompkins

means, but I can tell you from someone who lived here then, people were

mostly law abiding. Unemployment and welfare were practically

non-existent, the town was prospering and to my knowledge, there was no

drug problem. Some of the men were alcohol drinkers, but it didn't stop

them from going to work every day. They had a real work ethic, something

that has taken a big u-turn along the way.

In closing I would like to say that I totally agree with Mr. Gitlin,

although I don't know him at all. He is correct in his statement that

Del Norte County is broken; however, I think it can still be fixed with

the right people in office. We need people who are interested in

creating jobs, not saving every bug, plant, tree, etc., in the county.

Johnnie Fugate

Crescent City

Fringe elements of Tea Party no better than those of OWS

In his May 8 letter ("I expect more decorous code of conduct than OWS

follows") responding to my response to him, Dale. L. Bohling quotes his

own missive as though saying the same thing over and over makes it


If he chose to, he could find any number of clips on the Internet of

Occupy gatherings not acting as he portrays them, but I realize he will

likely never seek those out, because they do not fall within the

parameters of his beliefs.

It is ridiculous to paint the Tea Party as the good to the evil of

Occupy. Both groups have elements that could be deemed less than

decorous, if we were judging social movements by such a term. Judging

Occupy merely by the actions of the Black Bloc anarchists is like

judging the Tea Party merely by the proudly displayed signs of the

racists in their ranks or by the corporate funders of nationwide bus


Bill Gray is said to be decisive in his "No" to supporting an Occupy

movement locally. Martha McClure says, "Yes." She supports free speech.

Oh my, what a liberal idea, downright revolutionary, small "d"


I'll always choose democracy over decorum.

Pat Gargaetas

Creccent City

Gitlin's vision for Del Norte has earned him my support

Finally, there is a candidate for supervisor I can get excited about - Roger Gitlin is going to get my vote.

He knocked on my door last week and told me he was running for the

Board of Supervisors in District 1. Then he wanted to hear what I had to

say. I told him I was fed up with self-serving politicians who say

everything and do nothing except get paid. Roger told me his vision for

Del Norte County, including taking a bite out of blight, hiring more

deputies, fighting to get some of our county from federal and state

public lands back into private hands and bringing a trade school to

Crescent City.

He appears ready to work with the Board of Supervisors, not fight

with them. He spoke from his heart and I could see he's not your typical

guy looking to get elected. I am going to vote for him.

Bruce Robinson

Crescent City

Dr. Martello not guilty unless proven so, is still a great vet

This is in response to the April 26 letter of Wendy Beeson regarding,

in her opinion, the inappropriate use of yellow ribbons placed around

the entrance of Crescent Animal Medicine.

Firstly, yellow ribbons are not only used to show our hopes and

prayers for the safe return of our brave military personnel, but also

displayed for lost children and adults. There was even a news report

some time ago where employees of a factory hung ribbons on the fence of

their recently closed factory.

Yellow ribbons have become a symbol of any loss with the hopes of a quick and safe return.

I, for one, am happy about the return of Dr. Martello to his practice.

Let us also remember that in this wonderful country, everyone is

innocent until proven otherwise. All the facts are not in and the entire

truth has yet to be determined.

I did not place the ribbons at the hospital nor do I know who did;

however, I commend them for this act and am proud there are members of

the community who are willing to wait and see the legal results.

If Dr. Martello is found guilty of the charges, I believe he should

and will take the punishment, but then come back to work. He is a

wonderful vet! I know what I'm talking about as I've dealt with vets for

over 57 years, all kinds of vets, and Dr. Martello is extraordinary in

both knowledge and empathy.

Dr. Martello, we need you.

Carol Root

Crescent City

McNamer only choice for District 1 supervisor

There is only one choice for the District 1 seat on the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors - Leslie McNamer.

In her time on the Board of Supervisors, Del Norte County has moved

forward. The board has made progress on the airport, on improving

Highway 199 and on health care in our community. The board has worked

with the harbor district to help it recover from the tsunami.

She can't take complete credit for all those accomplishments, of

course, but she was there, working hard and working with others to help

our county during the worst economic times our nation has seen since the


One of her opponents, Roger Gitlin, has been in the community a short

time, yet he has managed to anger a great number of people. That is not

what we need. Leslie McNamer's other opponent, Donna Westfall, has been

on the City Council where she has launched failed recall attempt after

failed recall attempt. She also sued her other Council members and the

city. She lost, but in the process cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

We certainly do not need that.

Vote Leslie McNamer for District 1 supervisor. Our future depends on it.

Sarah Sampels

Crescent City

Residents outside city should have say on water supply

A couple days ago, a woman came up to me in the bank and asked where I

lived - whether it was in the city limits. I told her that while I did

live "in town," it was not within the borderline of city limits.

"Oh," she replied, "then you can't vote."

"Vote?" I asked.

"On the fluoride in the water," she said.

That made me think. I use and pay for city water - but because of my

address, I have no say in whether there is fluoride in my water?

That doesn't seem right to me - especially since I disagree with

fluoridation. Also, it seems to me I read sometime in the past that we

have an excessive amount of it added to our water.

If you use and pay for city water, when there is a vote on it, you should not be excluded.

So I call on our local politicians to make this situation one of

fairness - a great number of folks are forced to use the water with no

voice. That should be


Martha Williams

Crescent City