Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Medical marijuana patron near dispensary behaved rudely

Regarding the May 3 letter, "Leave pot dispensaries alone, and go after real drug dealers," the writer stated that people using them are not hurting anyone. Well, here is my experience with a user of one of our local dispensaries.

I own a business next to said dispensary. A van was parked in my driveway blocking the entrance gate. When I approached the driver and told him he was blocking the gate he said, "So?" I asked him to move and he refused, saying, "Who's going to make me?" (Real mature.)

If you are too embarrassed to park in a dispensary's parking lot then

you shouldn't be going to one. I have your license plate number so next

time I will just call the police. Better make sure your 215 card is


Bobbi Evanow

Crescent City

Thanks to Thompson for help with natural disaster repsonse

On Saturday, April 28, Congressman Mike Thompson visited with constituents in Crescent City.

The Congressman was honored by citizens of Del Norte with a small

plaque, in recognition of his involvement in reaction to Del Norte

County's natural disasters and needs.

I, myself, give thanks to Congressman Thompson and his staff,

especially John Driscoll out of the Eureka office. My small matters were

met immediately in one week with success.

It is with Congressman Mike Thompson's ability and impeccable track

record for Del Norte County in mind that I will vote for Jared Huffman

for our next congressman, knowing Mr. Thompson is there to guide him in

California's difficult times.

Again, thank you Mike Thompson and John Driscoll.

Ples Devroe Fowler

Crescent City

McNamer listens to all sides; challengers too confrontational

I was surprised but pleased when Leslie McNamer decided to seek

re-election on the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. District 1 has

been well served by Mrs. McNamer for the past eight years, and will be

well served for another term as well.

I have not agreed with Mrs. McNamer on every issue, but she has

always been willing to stand up and explain why she made the decision

she made.

The two people running against her seem to have a confrontational

agenda. Mrs. McNamer's agenda has always been to do what is best for Del

Norte County. She has also been very good about finding common ground

with a diverse group of people, taking good ideas from all sides. That's

good, old-fashioned leadership, something we need in these trying


Mrs. McNamer has experience, common sense and the ability to work

with others. That is why I am voting for her, and I hope that everybody

in District 1 votes for her, too.

Barbara Hite

Crescent City

Gitlin spent a lot of time listening to me; that's what I want on board

I have lived in Crescent City since 1994. I have never had a

candidate for the Board of Supervisors bother to knock on my door until

Roger Gitlin did so.

Roger introduced himself to me and then he asked me what my opinions

were on issues relating to Del Norte County. He spent a lot of time

listening to me. I was impressed.

That's the kind of supervisor I want. Someone who listens to what I

have to say. Beware of candidates who are so focused on their own

desires that they are deaf to anyone who disagrees with them.

The incumbent has been in office for eight years and she has never bothered to knock on my door.

I am voting for Roger Gitlin.

Ralph A. Huggett

Crescent City

Question for Gray: Who are you to deny me needed medical care?

Supervisor candidate Bill Gray says he wants to get rid of medical marijuana in Del Norte County. I have some questions for him.

Please tell me your direct personal experience with Crohn's disease

that informs your opinions on effective treatments of this debilitating,

incurable, progressive illness. How often have you had bloody diarrhea

30 times a day for weeks on end, where you're losing a pound a day? How

often have you spent day after day vomiting from intestinal pain? How

often have you been hospitalized for Crohn's? Have you ever bled out

internally such that you required emergency surgery to remove most of

your colon?

Do your conventional medical bills average more than $100,000 a year?

Have some conventional medicines, like prednisone, given you side

effects like avascular necrosis, which literally kills your bones?

And here's a question many of us with Crohn's ask each other: Do you sometimes not make it to the bathroom?

If you can't answer yes to these questions, I've another question: do

you have specialized medical expertise that qualifies you to prescribe

or proscribe treatments for this disease? Are you up on the latest

research through organizations like the National Institutes of Health on

the effectiveness of marijuana in treating Crohn's?

Obviously not, or you couldn't take the radically ignorant position

you do. So here's my most basic question: why are you, who presumably

know next to nothing about Crohn's, and who time and again claim that

government interferes too much in our lives, trying to insert yourself

between me and my doctors? That's unconscionable.

I'm a model for how medical marijuana is supposed to work. I've never

in my life used any recreational drug, including alcohol, tobacco, even

coffee. I use marijuana under the supervision and with the support of

five doctors (gastroenterologist, GP, endocrinologist [prednisone also

damaged my endocrine system], Prop 215 doctor, and surgeon). None of

them object to this use. All give me appropriate advice on how to best

use this treatment to improve my health.

Now along comes Bill "Intrusive Big Government" Gray who believes he

has the qualifications and the right to make better health decisions for

me than my five physicians and I. That's insane.

Years ago supervisor Finigan put it succinctly, "It's not the

county's job to interfere in doctor patient relationships." That's a

refreshing touch of sanity in politics.

Derrick Jensen

Crescent City

Finigan pursues common good without a personal agenda

I would just like to say a few things with regard to the race for the

position of 5th District supervisor in Del Norte County. It is

important to keep a few things in mind about Supervisor David Finigan

when deciding which way to vote.

My experience with Mr. Finigan has proven time and time again that he

is serious about taking the time and effort to gather all possible

information before making decisions.

For example, Mr. Finigan probably has his own opinion regarding the

recent issue of communication tower upgrades on Red Mountain. However,

his voice is to represent his district and county in the debate. During a

meeting between county supervisors and the Forest Service in January,

it became clear that the Forest Service had meetings with the Yurok

Tribe on this pertinent issue but failed to include anyone from the

county. Mr. Finigan made it apparent that this was unacceptable for our


For Mr. Finigan, his job is not to perpetuate his own position on

issues. Instead, one of his top priorities is researching all sides of

each issue to get a well-rounded perspective so he can be the voice for

our people. It is also important to him that citizens of Del Norte

County be given opportunities to be well informed and heard. This is the

way a representative should see things done.

I take comfort in knowing that someone out there is representing the

people of Del Norte County fairly, without personal agenda, and does all

due diligence to see that things are done with proper ethics.

Another critical issue of importance to Mr. Finigan (which I have

only heard other candidates speak of half-heartedly) is the health and

future of our families and children. For decades, Mr. Finigan has been

engaged in supporting our families and is passionate about seeing that

our children are in an environment that is safe and healthy and have the

opportunity to learn and flourish. I love that his motivations are

seeing that our children are our greatest resource.

These are qualities that we need in our local leaders.

Brigette Norris

Crescent City

After your yard sale is over, you need to take down your signs

Yard sale season in here and it's already hard to tell who is really

having a yard sale because signs posted from the week before were never

taken down.

I moved up here from down south and they were having the same problem

so they started mailing out tickets for littering. Then they made it

where no signs were allowed to be posted anywhere.

You would have to go to the Fire Department and pay $10 for a permit

and a $20 deposit to use two of its yard sale signs and when you brought

them back, you got your deposit back.

At the corner of El Dorado and Cooper there are seven signs on one

power pole from last weekend, three have been up for more then three

weeks now.

Stop being lazy and pick up after yourselves!

Jeff McLean

Crescent City