Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Gitlin a successful businessman, adovocates smaller government

I am writing this letter in support of Roger Gitlin for the position of District 1 supervisor. Although I live in Gasquet, the election of all supervisor positions has a direct effect on the quality of life for all of us most fortunate to live in this beautiful area.

I have personally known Roger for about five years, while my wife has been a friend of Roger and his wife, Angie, for about 20 years. This is how I know Roger to be a successful businessman in both the knitwear industry and then a successful real estate broker, supervising approximately 10-15 employees in each endeavor. It is this crucial business experience that Roger Gitlin brings to his candidacy for supervisor.

I am also aware of his great interest in serving the community. While

a resident of the Santa Clarita area in Southern California, he was

active in local politics. He assisted and supported local city leaders

that held his same belief in smaller government and personal

responsibility. He took the lead on standing up against the outrageous

cost to taxpayers caused by illegal immigrants in the greater Southern

California area. It is this same energy and leadership that now

motivates him to make Del Norte County a better place to live. He brings

with him the experience and education to find solutions to problems and

the ability to work with others.

Roger also brings with him a sense of community involvement. While

residing in Southern California, he served as the voice of the women's

professional basketball team, the Sparks. Now residing here in his

retirement, he has volunteered his services as announcer at our Del

Norte Warriors football games. Roger also serves on the Del Norte County

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission. His vast

experience as a teacher for 20 years enables him to be productive while

volunteering and working with troubled youths and serves our county


Although the Gitlins have visited and vacationed here for many years

and previously purchased property here, some say that as a recent

resident of three years, he lacks the understanding of our local

problems. I say his vast experiences and love of community combined with

his devotion and energy make him the perfect candidate. I say that he

provides us with an experienced vision of improving our quality of life

and I ask voters to join me in supporting Roger Gitlin as supervisor of

the 1st District.

Bruce Barber


Ex-supervisor: Gray and Gitlin share my governing philosophy

Del Norte County is a unique rural county with so much to offer

people who have chosen to live here. Many families have been here for

decades or generations. When new people come to this area and ask me

about the community, I have responded, "Learn about and respect the

traditions and culture of this place." I have tried to follow that

thought throughout my time here and certainly in my actions and

decisions as a member of the Board of Supervisors for District 3.

This community as a rural resource county has always struggled

economically even in good times as it is the nature of a

resource-oriented area that now is owned by the state and federal

government for close to 88 percent of its land. That has tended to

stifle our private sector from really expanding our economic

opportunities. Government over-regulation has torn apart our logging and

fishing industries. We need strong representation in county, city and

harbor district, united in representing our area with the state and


The election for county supervisors provides some real choices for

our true direction. I have met and have had several hours of discussions

with two people relatively new to our area, but both real professionals

in their endeavors. Bill Gray is an intelligent and highly respected

attorney and is running in District 2. Roger Gitlin is a retired

educator and professional sports announcer. They and their wives love

this area and truly want to be active in this community. Roger is

running for the District 1 seat. He is conservative in his thinking and

wants to see private business opportunities improve in this community.

He does not want to see any more land grabs by conservancies and state

and federal agencies.

Bill Gray also wants to put an end to these land grabs and wants to

see our private sector grow from inside our community and from outside

investors. They mirror my own philosophy while I was on the board.

I am pulling for these gentlemen and hope the electorate will get to know them. They are good folks.

Chuck Blackburn

Crescent City