Editor's note: A portion of this written statement was included in the May 15 article, "DA 'going to war' with the Bar."

The State Bar of California will soon file a notice of disciplinary charge against me. That will result in an administrative hearing.

The Bar's prosecutorial arm, the Office of Chief Trial Counsel, has taken this action in spite of me addressing each charge and providing over the past year, full and accurate answers to each allegation against me.

I've answered these old charges in public and in print. They were

initiated by people who cashed paychecks from Del Norte County, but gave

nothing in return except lawsuits, controversy and embarrassment. In

some cases, they were initiated by a defeated and disgraced former

office-holder, now facing criminal charges in two states.

Given recent public statements by a representative of the Bar's

prosecutor's office, the Bar has decided that Del Norte County shouldn't

have a DA who had the integrity to put his past before the people he

asked for votes because he doesn't fit their image of a local law

enforcement official.

The Bar Association's prosecutors hold the cards. But their charges

don't hold water in this county or within any notion of justice. They do

not expect a lone attorney, let alone an elected official, to go to war

with them. They think I'll give up because I can't afford the cost of

fighting against their huge resources. But you elected me, and I won't

quit until you tell me to. So I guess I'm going to war.

The Bar prosecutor's charges will move to an additional proceeding. I

will fight these charges while continuing to do the job the voters of

Del Norte County elected me to do.

A final word about district attorneys and our deputies. By

definition, we deal with people who lie every day. Many lie to save

their skin. Others lie to avenge a defeat at the hands of the voters.

No district attorney is safe if we let liars, defeated opponents and disaffected employees get a district attorney removed.

If the Bar's own embattled and agenda-driven Office of Chief Trial

Counsel is coming at an elected district attorney, it better come with

more than innuendoes of impropriety, based on potential conflicts of

interest and ambushes by the accused.

Jon Alexander is district attorney of Del Norte County.