Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Unfair to stereotype medipot patients based on individual

This letter is in response to Bobbi Evanow's May 15 letter, "Medical marijuana patron near dispensary behaved rudely."

Please don't stereotype everybody into one group. Not all of us are "druggies." Just because one person is giving you trouble doesn't mean the rest are going to do it.

I park my car in the parking lot of the dispensary with my head held just as high as if I was going to a drug store to pick up a pain prescription. I show them my current recommendation, pay for my wares using my own money and go home.

The bag doesn't get opened until I get home and I never drive or

leave the house while I am influenced. In fact, I am never even awaken

while I am influenced. Please don't lump us all together.

Sarah Dumas

Hornbrook, Calif.

Gitlin assured me he will try to get me back to work

I met Roger Gitlin last week when he showed up at my door. Right away

Roger introduced himself and firmly shook my hand.

He told me that he wants to clean up the streets, specifically

stating that he wants to remove meth from our streets. Next, he told me

that he wants to fight homelessness by getting people back to work.

I then explained that I have been in this town for six years and I

have not been able to get work. Despite my military service, my cooking

and retail experience, this town has overlooked me every time I apply

anywhere. Roger looked me in the eye and assured me that he will do what

he can to get me back to work.

I have been registered to vote for about five years; never before has

a politician gone out of his way to speak to me and try to help me with

employment issues.

Now, Roger could be just saying what he thinks I want to hear so I'll

vote for him, but the only way to find out is to elect Roger Gitlin for

District 1 supervisor.

Kevin Engle

Crescent City

Tired of my kids bullied while administrator does nothing

I am writing as a concerned parent and citizen. My children are

attending an area school here in Crescent City, and have had numberous

problems with bullying.

I thought that our schools were supposed to have a no-bullying policy

in effect for the safety of the students attending. However, every day

my children have come home being punched, pushed down, or slapped by

students, with nothing being done. However if my child or children stand

up for themselves they are suspended and ridiculed by staff at the acts

that they have taken to protect themselves and one another.

I have since started a petition to have said school principal


I ask, as a parent, to all concerned parents, stand back and take a

good look at the school your children are attending. Are they safe while

they are at school from bullying?

I would venture to say more often than not,"No." They are not, and if

we as parents don't protect our children then who will?

Shawna Fairgood

Crescent City

Gray's honesty, grasp of area remain questionable

A candidate's truthfulness and hidden motivation are everything to us

voters. Is it not true that candidate Bill Gray only registered to vote

in Del Norte County within the last year, though he has owned property

on Pebble Beach Drive since 2006? (Martha McClure has been a registered

voter here since at least 1992.)

Since Gray claims to have resided here for years, where did he

register to vote each year between 2006 and last year? Full disclosure

of that answer may help us decide whom to vote for.

Clearly, if Gray voted elsewhere, he would not have been too

concerned about our local problems during those periods. If one

registers in Del Norte County only to run for office, that speaks for


Did Gray just own property here, but lived in one of the other cities

where he has law offices? Voters need to trust him to candidly tell us

when he actually moved here. Has he permanently been here long enough to

bond with the local population sufficiently to understand our problems?

Sudden interest is great if it's public interest, not self interest.

Lisa V. Fintel

Crescent City

Gitlin's harsh partisan views are not what Board needs

How can someone running for supervisor, a non-partisan office, be an

objective member of the Board when he obviously harbors deep resentment

for all members of the Democratic Party?

I quote Roger Gitlin in part from the Canada Free Press, Nov. 30,

2011: "Today the Party of the working man has become the Party of

moochers, leeches and victims. And this Party of hope and change has

morphed into a Frankenstein that would turn FDR in his grave. The

Democratic Party is an abomination that is slowly strangling the

greatest country in the world: The United States of America..."

No matter what party you might be, is this the person you want

representing you? The candidate running for the position of county

supervisor should be unbiased and impartial. I do not believe Leslie

McNamer's opponent could ever meet this requirement.

If you need further reassurance, just Google him and make up your own


Kimberly Geib

Crescent City

Too bad hospital trustees attempted secretive vote

It's my understanding the Sutter Coast Board of Trustrees voted to go

ahead with "regionalization."

The vote would turn local control of Sutter Coast Hospital over to

Sutter Health in the San Francisco and Sonoma County areas. But now,

the Board has agreed to put the regionalization process temporarily on


When I read the Board made the decision and voted behind closed

doors, it reminded me of when I was a kid and felt guilty about

something I did and was afraid I'd get caught!

The Board has been a hard-working group of volunteers. It's too bad,

this behind-closed-doors business could be one of the last actions it

takes if regionalization proceeds.

R. A. Hazard

Smith River

What gives medipot patients right to endanger my health?

To the writer of the May 15 letter ("Question for Gray: Who are you

to deny me needed medical care?"), Mr. Gray may not respond to your

letter, but I will. When you smoke marijuana, it enters your body at a

cellular level. They can test for it in your hair follicles. There are

case studies that indicates that the toxins of marijuana and other

drugs can piggy-back on your sperm cells. If you are pregnant, the

toxins can be passed on to the unborn baby.

When the baby is born, are you going to magically be cured of your

disease? Are you going to leave your baby alone while you go somewhere

else to get your "dosage"? Are you going to smoke, or otherwise ingest,

with your baby in your arms, in the same room, in the same house? If

you are taking cannabis for some disease that your unborn child may not

have, can you agree that this might be a case of over-medicating?

I've observed people in my lifetime smoking marijuana. One or two in

every crowd may have a legitimate excuse for smoking marijuana, but you

light a joint, you take a hit, and you pass it to the left. Do you ask

the person to your left if he or she has a 215 card. No, you're

monitoring the movement of the joint, making sure it doesn't stay too

long with one person.

I presume you and your peers drive cars, operate heavy-machinery,

drive school buses, direct air traffic, go out in public and cross

streets. Here's a question for you ... what gives you the rights to put

my life in jeopardy? I travel around at night. I can smell the cannabis

smoke wafting from houses. You are not controlling your smoke, and you

are not protecting my oxygen. What gives you the rights?

Oh, hey, I just tore a hangnail. I'll bet you five American dollars

that I can pay five doctors to say that I need to be smoking marijuana

to cure my torn hangnail.

James Perkins

Crescent City

McClure also warrants vote for protecting hospital care

Harbormaster Richard Young spoke about county Supervisor Martha

McClure providing a voice for Del Norte on the Coastal Commission.

Attorney Jim Fallman wrote a letter explaining why her opponent would

not be as effective on our county


There is another good reason to re-elect McClure. She questions how

Sutter Health has started to the "regionalization" of Sutter Coast

Hospital (disregarding concerns of the current and previous medical

chiefs of staff, doctors Gregory Duncan and Kevin


Martha wants to protect Del Norte's hospital care. We need her





Crescent City

As independent Dem, Adams stands out among candidates

Twelve candidates are seeking to represent our newly created 2nd

Congressional District running from Del Norte to Marin counties.

Why would anyone seek a job that 90 percent of the people disapprove

of? Washington is gridlocked. I'm looking for a new approach, someone

who holds strong democratic ideals but will talk to the opposition and

please get things done!

I don't see promoting budget failure in Sacramento as a solution. I

want an alternative to the status quo. I met and spoke to each of the

front-runner candidates. Susan Adams stood head and shoulders above the


Adams is a fiscal conservative who walks the walk. She balanced her

district's budgets for 10 years, created jobs in clean energy and in a

non-profit public health system. She declines her county's pension and

car allowance and has promised to do the same if she's elected to


She's also a true progressive who supports Medicare for all and

protecting Social Security for the elderly. Susan is a life-long

Democrat, but she is not part of the party "machine." She's earned

diverse support the old-fashioned way: she listens.

Susan leads by example, helping people on both sides to listen. She

understands that solutions come from considering the concerns of all.

This is a skilled mediator, just the tonic for what ails Washington.

Why would Susan Adams contend for an unpopular job? Because she can

do the job better than anyone else, better than anyone before. She'll

fight for a better future for all of us. After endorsing Susan Adams, I

proudly accepted a position with her campaign and it's been an honor to

work with so many of her enthusiastic supporters.

Richard Salzman


Let's choose those who will promote our growth

Recent letters have said we should vote for McClure and McNamer

because they are "more local." They remember when Del Norte had a

thriving economy and lumber, fishing, and farming were king. But that

was a long time ago and as I was recently told, "we've already lost the

war" when the government owns 78 percent of our county. Our private

economy continues to shrink and government is now king.

In her latest ad, McClure prides herself in "cooperating with state

and federal government." I agree. She's cooperated in helping to give

away a lot of Del Norte. She's cooperated in taking private land off of

the tax rolls, which stops development.

We all know government can be beneficial but where is the balance? Is

it at the expense of private property and industry? Yes.

An example are my parents, Hector and Eileen Brown, who wanted to put

in a beachfront development in Crescent City of office, retail and

condominiums on 10 acres but were stopped by the Coastal Commission. Not

only would it have provided jobs, it also would've provided more tax

revenue. They think McClure and her leftist-environmentalist buddies are

detrimental to our economy and to our community.

McClure and McNamer are resigned to accept the status quo and to see

Del Norte continue to beg for handouts. Their actions relegate us to

living off of what the government allows us to have, instead of carving

our own path to financial prosperity. Is this the best future for us

being on state subsidies and social programs? I don't believe so.

I believe we need an economic lift through private enterprises. We

need to grow the economic pie and increase the tax base in our county to

create a healthy and balanced growth.

What's really needed in Del Norte are new supervisors with a fresh

vision that see our future as bright and hopeful. Bill Gray and Roger

Gitlin see a future of jobs and an economy driven by private enterprise,

not government programs. Both have started and owned their own

businesses. Mr. Gray's has opened 17 branches in his firm creating

hundreds of jobs. I'd say he knows what it means to grow the private


Let's choose those who will promote our growth, not surrender to our

decline. Please join me in voting for Bill Gray and Roger Gitlin, who

want something better for Del Norte.

Mary Wilson

Crescent City