Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Don't hold individual's behavior up as example of all pot patients

In response to Sarah Dumas' letter ("Unfair to stereotype medipot patients based on individual"), I agree. Don't hold it against everyone because of some inconsiderate person that hopefully doesn't do it again.

Walter Boyd Jr.

Crescent City

Regionalization of hospital poses grave threat to us all

In October of 1985 the Del Norte Healthcare District made a decision to lease Seaside Hospital to Sutter Community Hospital Group. The decision was made as a result of declining patient volume, the ensuing complexity of hospital financing and the desire to improve the delivery of medical care to the residents of Del Norte County. Twenty-seven years later, the Board of Directors voted 8-1 to regionalize Sutter Coast Hospital and transfer ownership and control of the hospital to Sutter West Bay Region. That decision has since been put on hold.

In making the decision, Sutter did not include the community at

large, Del Norte County Healthcare District, public officials, or any of

the major employers in the plan or their reasons for the decision.

Should this decision be implemented, the hospital may be changed in the

future to critical access designation. This status could reduce the

hospital to being a large outpatient clinic under the care of a nurse

with severely reduced OB care, surgical procedures, and acute care

practices. As a retired person living in Crescent City, this is of great

concern to me, and should be of grave concern to major employers, the

tourism industry, and the political leadership of the city and county.

The structure of the Board of Directors of the hospital should be

reconstructed to include more non-Sutter doctors, Healthcare District

members, and members of the City Council and Board of Supervisors.

Health care is critical to the welfare of every citizen - local

governance is the most important element missing from Sutter Health's

leadership. However, money is not. Of the 25 officers, trustees and key

employees listed in the Sutter Health form 990 for the fiscal year 2010,

21 received compensation of more than $1 million. Who says being sick

doesn't pay?

Jim Coston

Crescent City

Don't let the horrendous political environment consume your joy

I think about our present government administration within so many

unethical improprieties and financial corruption, all of which impales

the very fabric of American citizens' constitutional rights and

psychological well-being. We surely live under an unstable national and

worldly environment. The political arena here in our country, but also

in other countries, arouses a negative instability and a lack of peace

of mind for all human beings.

Our planet experiences horrific natural disasters; a frightening

atmosphere for those who end up losing life, limb and possessions.

For any of us who allow such daily paranoia to consume our fragility

and cynicism; well, I've had to arrive at my own private philosophy in

life to survive. I gaze at and appreciate the blue skies and sunshine,

the glorious ancient trees, the emerald greens of the Smith River and

the majestic flow of the ever-changing ocean, and I am blessed. None of

us can control political powers, nor the forces of Mother Nature. We can

merely place our votes hoping for a more conscientious government. And,

we can appreciate and not ever take for granted this beautiful land in

which we live and, of course, treasure the love and ties of family and


These simple elements and aspects can surely strengthen us within our

own little piece of heaven. Maybe that's all any human being can ever


Donna Lanz

Crescent City

Drag out your rarely seen classic cars and bring them to the show

I'd like to reach out to all owners of classic cars. This will be the

18th annual Azalea Festival Community Benefit Car show that the Curry

County Cruisers has presented on Memorial Day Weekend. Every year I

wonder how many cars are out there that people would really love to see,

but they don't get to because they are locked in a garage somewhere.

So this year I am especially appealing to those of you that have a

cool car, and hardly ever drive it, to drag it out, wash it up, and

drive it down to the Port of Brookings-Harbor on Sunday, May 27. That

will be the day we are putting on a great car show for the enjoyment of


The port will be teaming with things to do and see, as well as the

car show. There will be all kinds of vendors and food on the boardwalk.

Our local roller derby girls will be there with a dunk tank and I think

that some of the port commissioners are slated to get wet. I talked to

Roy Davis who said he planed on dressing warmly for the wet event and I

am doing every thing in my power to make sure he is only allowed a

bathing suit. Ladies take note.

Of course I want all of you that show your cars all the time to be

sure and attend. We will have 60 trophies to hand out to compensate for

all the hard work it takes to keep your cars in show room condition. If

you want to join us in the parade on Saturday, give me a call. Fire

those babies up and come join the fun. It's all for a great cause, to

support local charities.

Tom Lee

Smith River

The idea that gov't infrastructure can grow a community is fiction

Recently, I have been following coverage of the upcoming elections

and can see that the political divide that has captured national

politics has found politics in Del Norte County.

Where once the county was sustained by a largely natural resource

economy, we now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of being

dominated by a government-funded public sector. While a limited

government economy is certainly necessary, we are a long way from being

able to afford what we have now. This is why there is a clear movement

afoot in this county to replace the "all eggs in one basket" government

approach with something more sustainable.

Incumbent supervisors McClure and McNamer and their supporters

believe we can ride dependency on state and federal funding toward a

sustainable future without being really very specific about what form

that future will take. Both supervisors McClure and McNamer seem to

think that we will continue to be able to build government

infrastructure until something happens to improve our lot.

The question many people are now asking in light of recent events

both in this country and abroad is whether or not this is the best

approach to our future. Because of the widespread failure of this kind

of all-government approach, some in this county wish to grow the private

sector economy by streamlining the burden of government on business.

People in this county, some barely out of grade school, now know that

they no longer have to test their skills, get an education or seek

greater opportunities when they have a whole host of government enablers

ready and waiting. Our best and brightest no longer flourish here.

The idea that government infrastructure can grow a community is

fiction. An airport terminal without passengers, a new harbor with a

dwindling commercial fleet, broadband redundancy without tech companies,

and highway improvements without business to service simply brings more


Yes, Mr. Gitlin and Mr. Gray are both relatively new to this

community, but that shouldn't distract voters from the issue that we

need new people and new ideas to take a path toward growth and leave the

dependency cycle in which we now find ourselves.

We no longer live in rural isolation, but have become hugely

dependent on the outside world. Enough of bread and circuses, it is past

time for supervisors McClure and McNamer to step down. Vote Bill Gray

and Roger Gitlin.

Samuel Strait

Crescent City

Super-quick fix to state's deficit: stop paying for illegal immigrants

California has a $16 billion budget shortfall coming up very soon.

Here's a super-quick fix, folks: Stop, immediately, doling out state funds to illegal immigrants.

It's extremely possible that we could balance California's state

budget if the only thing we did was stop paying illegals to live here -


Pat Thorpe

Crescent City

McClure's honesty trumps Gray's suspect commitment to our area

I believe Martha McClure to be the best candidate for her district.

I have known and worked with Martha McClure for a long time. We don't

always agree, but I have always received an honest explanation. It may

not be the one I want, but I have received one. That is important to me.

I want to be able to count on accessibility with my supervisors and

to have them speak to me as a valued member of the community.

Martha's opponent has not been in Del Norte long and has not ever

voted in our county. He only registered to vote here in January of 2012.

However, he is sure that he knows our area and what is right for us.

It seems like we have had that type here before. They made a bunch of

promises and then left us holding the bag after not doing anything but

muddy the waters.

Martha has proven her skills as a committed community leader and

works hard to make our community a better place both in her Board of

Supervisors position and her job as a teacher for the Del Norte Unified

School District.

Martha makes a difference for us in our community. I urge you to give her your vote.

Charlie Wick

Crescent City