I am not a lawyer but it seems we all love to pick on lawyers. But nobody likes to pick on lawyers more than other lawyers. For us "regular" folks, a lawyer is an easy target for jokes as most of us don't really understand what a lawyer is or does in our society.

Lawyers are competitive in nature. This may be why, like sharks, they seem to take a special delight in turning on each other. Let one show that he has a heart, that he actually cares about people who have been damaged, or that he's willing to stretch himself a little if it will help truer justice to prevail in a straitjacketed system andhellip; and it's on. May God have mercy on his soul.

For various reasons, I have several lawyer friends and acquaintances -

they know all the best lawyer jokes, by the way. One of those who is a

friend is Jon Alexander. Yes, our embattled district attorney. Yes, a

former meth addict. And yes, a lawyer with a heart. It happens to be

made of gold, but please, don't tell the rest of the sharks.

I am also acquainted with most of the Gang of Five that I know to be

actively campaigning against Jon 19 months after the election, all the

while claiming that it is Jon who is after some of them. They can file

complaint after bogus complaint, write article after falsified article,

and in general trash Jon with little or no cost to themselves. A lot of

that trashing can be done anonymously through "journalists" in news

organizations (generally out of the area, naturally) where it's more

important to sell copies than it is to venture to the Far North and

actually learn both the truth and the circumstances. Not to mention

getting a little background on those who keep throwing the stones,

filling out complaint forms, and ghostwriting articles - in short, doing

what they accuse Jon of doing.

We here in Del Norte County are being hit with yet another re-hash of

old "news" disguised as "terrible wrongdoing" and being "investigated"

by seemingly everyone from the FBI, the CIA, the State Bar (somewhat

true), FPPC, Jesse Jackson, two kindergarten classes, a homeless

Labrador, and everyone else looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Once

the shredder gets rolling, nothing like facts or common sense will stop

it andhellip; especially, it would appear, at the State Bar.

Speaking of/to the Gangandhellip; some of your members are known to this

audience. They've been quoted in the media claiming Jon has some kind of

vendetta against them, that being the source of all their troubles.

From these, almost anything can be expected - I doubt they've plumbed

their lowest depths yet. For the rest hiding in the shadows and talking

smack, I'm calling you out. Do something honorable for once and tell the

whole truth. Maybe even get a life.

For those of Jon's friends, associates and others who even now are

letting fear and indecision influence what you "tell the Judge," I say,

grow some backboneandhellip; do what is right! Or are you truly invertebrate

water-breathers andhellip; sharks? No backbone? Truth and honor have no standing

here? I am humbly corrected.

Over the years I've learned a lot about our district attorney. I've

learned that he isn't perfect, the definition of which changes

constantly anyway, depending upon who is talking. I have learned that

even though he is my friend, should I suddenly begin dealing meth, one

look into the eyes of my addict customers and Jon would see to it that I

was hunted down and prosecuted for my crimes. I would expect nothing

less because Jon is an honorable man. And he has a heart of gold. And he

is a true friend. And a lawyer.

I still have my "Vote Jon Alexander for DA" campaign sign. I plan to plant it in my yard again in 2014.

State Bar, go home.

Jim Norton is a Crescent City resident.