Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Vets died to keep you free - do your part to keep America free

Here's something for all Americans to think about this Memorial Day.

Most Americans remember the Classic Poem: "In Flanders Fields." But do we really know what that is all about?

It is about Americans dying on foreign soil to liberate defeated countries from the oppression of war. Wars that we did not start but without our help of materials and manpower would have left them as conquered nations.

Yet, these nations rise up against us with arrogance to blame us for

all their problems. They look at us as greedy. If we were greedy,

instead of turning their nations back to their own rule, we could have

claimed them as spoils of war. We also could demand payment owed to us

for the money we advanced them to buy arms, food and other things

necessary for their survival. They owe us millions upon millions of

dollars from the world wars in reparations.

We made the sacrifices here at home and with our men and materials for them and we don't owe them anything!

I used "Flanders Field" as a an example, but Flanders Field is just a

smaller cemetery that contains the bodies of Americans killed to bring

freedom back to those countries.

For the record: Aisne-Marne, France, contains the remains of 2,289

Americans. Ardennes, Belgium, 5,329 Americans. Brittany, France, 4,410


Brookwood, England, 468 Americans. Cambridge, England, 3,812

Americans. Epinal, France, 5,525 Americans. Flanders Field, Belgium, 368

Americans. Florence, Italy, 4,402 Americans. Henri-Chappelle, Begium,

7,992 Americans. Lorraine, France, 10,489 Americans. Luxembourg,

Luxembourg, 5,076 Americans. Meuse-Argonne, 14,246 Americans.

Netherlands, Netherlands, 8,301 Americans. Normandy, France, 9,387

Americans. Oise-Aisne, France, 6,012 Americans. Rhone, France, 861

Americans. Sicily, Italy, 7,861 Americans. Somme, France, 1,844

Americans. St. Mihiel, France, 4,153 Americans. Suresnes, France, 1,5541


A total 104,366 Americans who paid the supreme sacrifice for their

countries, the same number denied life at home, 104,366 homes in America

that suffered the loss of a loved one.

We must be on guard against a leader who apologizes to Europe and the Middle East that our country is arrogant!

And we haven't even mentioned the many brave Americans who have given

their lives in Asia and other places to set people free from


As we celebrate this Memorial Day, give remembrance to those who gave

all for others. Ask ourselves, how many of their soldiers came to

America and died for us and are buried in our cemeteries. Zero!

Wake Up America, these heroes died to keep you free. Do your part to keep America free!

Ed Fleshman

Crescent City

Candidate Gitlin: My dream for Del Norte County's future

Allow me to share my dream for Del Norte County's future:

The election is two weeks away. During the course of this campaign

for District I supervisor, I have met many wonderful, dedicated

individuals who want to see Del Norte County reach a better place.

Our community has devolved into a welfare county where homeless

rights trump those who follow our laws and obey our rules, where drug

dealers operate with bold impunity, and where many in elected positions

have become deaf, dumb and blind to public outcry.

When I committed to run, so many of you came to me and expressed your

frustration, asking me how we can turn the current modus operandi and

move Del Norte away from a dependence on the state and federal


It is quite apparent; California with its $16 billion shortfall and

the United States of America with its $16 trillion deficit will be

unable to offer this charity to Del Norte County for very much longer.

I threw my hat in the political ring because I observe Del Norte with

a bright future, one which weans itself off government grants/welfare.

The private sector has been depleted. Timber and fishing is no longer

Del Norte County's road to prosperity.

We must restore the private sector to a level of affluence where

those working and producing taxes are protected and rewarded. When Del

Norte County and its governance see its future coming from private

enterprise, you will see a brighter day here.

When I am elected and serve with a new Del Norte County Board of

Supervisors, I will do all I can in developing our local economy where

we will have an additional level of small, prosperous businesses and

their well-paid employees who can afford to buy their own homes,

purchase automobiles and appliances, and contribute to our tax base

which will take Del Norte County to a better place.

These new private sector businesses may very well be the future

career source for our graduating youth. Let's fix Del Norte County.

That's my dream and I hope you share it.

Roger Gitlin

Crescent City

Nice to see public meeting give all a full chance to be heard

Showing true leadership locally as the city member of the Solid Waste

Authority Task Force, I believe Mary Wilson, as the chair of the task

force, at the public meeting of May 10 shows how breaking the rules can


Mary had the wisdom to throw the three-minute rule of thumb out the

window. She allowed the local landlords to give their input more than

once. By doing this she allowed the members of the task force to form

ideas on how we can fix the new law on recycling and the 1208 ordinance

dealing with how landlords are to provide trash and recycling service.

Hopefully, at our June meeting we can send a new ordinance to the

Solid Waste Authority. If anyone has any public comments, I would like

to suggest they write or call the staff of the Solid Waste Authority.

Again, many did an excellent job of listening to the public. Maybe my

City Council and my Board of Supervisors could learn something in the

way Mary allowed people to give public input at a public hearing -

something that is missing sometimes.

If you have an interest on sitting on the task force, you can call

City Hall and ask the city clerk. Having more people on the task force

would give different ideas and views on garbage issues.

I would like to make a suggestion to the city clerk. She has the

power to add a name from a business group or another government body.

Maybe she should look at the harbor and the Chamber of Commerce. Maybe

she should look at codes.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Time for District 2 to stop supporting the status quo

Whats' the problem in Del Norte County? Are folks afraid of change, even when it is in their best interest.

Take District 2, for example. We have seen how the incumbent has

damaged America and California. Yet District 2 is so stuck on the

incumbent they continue to vote for McClure.

Look at the direction we are headed economically. Look at

representation. I recently witnessed McClure walk out of a public

meeting when a constituent disagreed with her. He was right.

Certainly that was rude, but it is her job to listen to us. I have

watched McClure repeatedly take credit for things she had little or

nothing to do with, just look at the ads in the paper, mostly hype.

But when it comes to a Solid Waste Management Authority, McClure's

baby, which has consistently failed to control costs, she just pretends

that everything is okay.

I thought people around Del Norte wanted to fix government. Why is it

that this District will not do it when we have the opportunity to put

in a qualified business leader like Bill Gray? Please vote for change,

District 2, you have a qualified candidate.

Ron Plechaty

Crescent City

Only McClure has knowledge, position to bring dollars to DN

This is not a county where "getting government off our backs" is

realistic. Over 70 precent of the land is managed by government

agencies, with the state and federal governments supplying a huge among

of resources to the county.

From schools to prison jobs, from redwood parks and national forest

tourism infrastructure and promotion to harbor rebuilding and airport

expansion, we rely in a big way on outside government to maintain and

improve our lives here.

There is one - and only one - county supervisor who has the knowledge

and position to work with state and federal agencies and who has been

effective in bringing in millions of dollars to our county.

Martha McClure is this supervisor. Martha may be too busy working for

our county in the classroom and as supervisor to spend a lot of time

going door to door to woo votes, but will come through when it is time

to get the job done. Her recent appointment to the Coastal Commission

will give Del Norte County a significant voice in the responsible

development of the coast.

"Let's Fix It" works as a slogan, but is not credible in practice.

Let's work with it using our knowledge and experience to get the best

solution for our county - that is what Martha does. We really cannot

afford to lose Martha's effective competence as a supervisor.

Vote for what works!

Craig Strong

Crescent City