Del Norte Triplicate Readers

District 1 needs Gitlin, who supports limited government

District 1 presents a choice for the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors between Roger Gitlin and Leslie McNamer. Roger is a real limited government conservative who understands the Constitution and that individuals are the key to a great community.

McNamer is a big-government supporter who continues to seek state and federal handouts for our community and forgets about all the strings attached.

Roger would implement fiscally responsible and job growth-encouraging policies that will help our community grow whereas McNamer is satisfied with the status quo of being a welfare community where a majority of the people are either employed by or get assistance from the government.

Roger understands that real economic freedom comes from private

property and protecting our property rights by removing unnecessary

land-use and zoning restrictions. McNamer has repeatedly voted to adopt

policies, like the county general plan, in order to get state funds with

no regard for how these new and ever-growing restrictions discourage

free markets and handicap economic growth.

Roger Gitlin knows that successful individuals are what create a

successful community. Roger Gitlin understands that the federal

government is overreaching its constitutional limits, that economic

freedom leads to individual freedom and better communities, and that we

must be frugal and fiscally responsible.

Joe Albertson

Crescent City

Impressed with Triplicate's broad, neutral race coverage

I have been really impressed with the Triplicate's coverage on the

local races for the primary. I wanted to thank the editorial staff and

the reporters.

So much of today's journalism is thinly veiled advocacy. It is so

refreshing to see broad and neutral coverage.

You have asked good questions and looked past the spin of the

candidates on the issues, and it truly has been very well done.

Lathe Gill

Crescent City

New citizen: Ridiculous to say newcomers not 'local'

Last summer I became an American citizen and so this June will be my

first chance to vote in an election. I have been following the local

letters to the editor with a lot of interest and what I do not

understand is how Martha McClure and Leslie McNamer supporters can be so

sure that only those with longtime ties to Del Norte County can

adequately serve the needs of the local citizens.

First of all, it seems that a lot of locals are very unhappy with the

way the county is managed and secondly, are they saying that those of

us who are not fifth or sixth generation residents cannot have any

positive input?

I think that Roger Gitlin, Bill Gray and Larry Childs all have great

ideas and potential solutions to our very grave county problems. To say

they should not be considered for public office because they aren't

"local" enough is ridiculous. It seems to me that the long-term "local"

incumbents need to go and new blood needs to be brought in.

I would like to see local businesses thrive and private property

owners be able to build and repair homes with encouragement, not

constant over-legislation and over-burdening intrusion.

Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Crescent City

Follow McClure's money and you'll see support is from left

We have all heard the statement "follow the money" made famous in

"All the President's Men." Now in local politics, being what they are,

the statement is still true. Follow the money.

Martha McClure is running one very hard campaign for her seat and has

taken in some very good donations. The California United Homecare

Workers Union gave her $1,000. Ask yourself, why would a union that

needs support on the Board of Supervisors provide so much money to one


She has also received a donation from the Building and Construction

Trades Council of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties for $250.

Then there are a couple of the usual suspects: non-monetary

contributions from Grant Werschkull from Smith River Alliance ( $400)

and Eileen Cooper ($150); both are connected to many environmental


It is simple. If your support is from the left, you can't claim to be

"moderate." If you follow the money to unions, environmentalists and

have a left social agenda, then you are a leftist.

Del Norte County needs "hope and change" for the county Board of

Supervisors, starting with changing out Martha McClure.

Jerry Jared

Smith River

Incumbents display superior qualifications at meeting

The May 24 meeting of the Solid Waste Management Authority Board

displayed the advantages and perils of incumbency. The meeting also gave

us a clear indication of why we need to retain incumbent supervisors

McNamer, McClure and Finigan.

At issue was the authority's annual budget, requiring passage before

the end of June. The marathon meeting included consideration and

approval/disapproval of a) continued monitoring/ maintenance of the

defunct landfill, b) amendment of the authority's two private industry

contracts - as required, based on California CPI increases, and c)

raising residential, commercial, and transfer station disposal rates to

cover the increased contract costs.

I was struck by the irony of the situation. Incumbent supervisors had

to grapple with the technical and policy issues "in the arena," while

their challengers in the upcoming election skipped the meeting and lay

in the weeds to take subsequent campaign potshots at those who had to

make the hard decisions on that day.

Mr. Gitlin, who has been a highly articulate challenger of the status

quo, could have appeared, as many others did, to offer informed public

comment during the Board's deliberations. But no.

In their detailed questioning of staff, all but one (Councilwoman

Westfall) of nine Board members present displayed a deep understanding

of the regulatory and contract issues involved. There was no flamboyant

rhetoric, just practical consideration. Ultimately, the Board approved

the contract amendments and related rate increases - as most who have

followed the issues knew they must - with only one dissenting vote


I wondered what the two most vociferous challengers to incumbent

supervisors might have done if they were sitting on that dais, required

to make a decision. Would they have had the same depth of knowledge as

the incumbents? Would they have conducted themselves in a collegial

fashion on a 10-member Board?

With only their speeches and advertisements to go on, it appeared to

me that one might have ripped up the private sector contracts (forcing

the authority into expensive binding arbitration), then stormed off to

Sacramento to demand that the county be absolved of its responsibility

for the landfill. Another might have stood up on a table and demanded

that someone "fix it," while offering no practical solutions. Both would

have denied rate increases needed to balance the budget.

We don't need that kind of "change."

Bill Lonsdale

Crescent City

Money for lavish gifts for kids could be better spent

I don't know how many of you watched a recent "20/20" episode called

"Extreme Parenting." It solidified something I've felt for quite some

time. Some Americans, filthy rich Americans, those who clear $500,000

per year or more, truly "waste" their money ... to a point.

One extreme parent was a fashion designer worth millions! She rewards

her 14-year-old daughter for good grades in school just like I did.

But, two examples of these rewards are an all-expense-paid shopping trip

to Morocco, and the other a home-town shopping spree. When the spree

was over the daughter had a minimum of $20,000 of new apparel and


Other extreme parents shown included a well-off couple with an

8-year-old son. Like myself, they'd provided riding toys, like the

battery-operated off-road vehicles - both my boys had one. And their son

mastered all the toys they'd bought for him. So to "step it up," they

had a customized monster truck built for the boy and he drives it!

In so many ways almost anyone would sigh and think, "Wouldn't that be

nice?" Then there are some who may think, in a derogatory tone, "Must

be nice!" I fall into a third category and I hope I'm not alone in it. I

feel that as long as the money was honestly earned, these extreme

parents are proof that some folks actually achieve "the American Dream,"

which is no longer attainable by most of the U.S. population these

days. I am also quite the "realist" on folks like these parents.

If you can afford to spend $20,000 on a shopping spree for a

14-year-old, you should be obligated to spend the same amount on helping

others. And if you can afford to spend thousands on an 8-year-old's

monster truck, you should be obligated to spend the same on helping

others as well. Call it "forced philanthropy."

I know they earned the money and I agree they should be able to do

what they want with it. But when so many people in the U.S. are

homeless, struggling to have food to eat three times each day, when it

gets to where the less fortunate can't afford to buy or keep their

homes and cars, feed their families for a month or more, or buy land to

donate to folks to build homes on for free, then why shouldn't they be

made to help out?

Teri Markanson

Crescent City

Reflections I had on the occasion of Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, May 30, I thought of this: We are all soldiers

caught between good and evil. There are angels on both sides, both for

good and evil happening in our lives.

We are caught in the middle hoping for the best happening in our

lives. Those who have chosen "good" have illness and death, along with

evildoers. War between countries over petty differences puts evil on

both sides because of what they do in war.

May this Memorial Day writing come as a blessing for good. May each

assist one another for a lighter good time.

Belle Simpson

Crescent City

McClure's liberal supporters jusitify not voting for her

The listing of Martha McClure's supporters in Thursday's paper was

like a "who's who" of Del Norte County liberals. I noticed most all of

the so-called Friends of Del Norte proudly endorse her candidacy and, in

my opinion, that alone is enough to not vote for her.

I agree with Calie Martin, who wrote that being a public servant is a

tough and thankless job, and I certainly do not intend for my

endorsement of Bill Gray and Roger Gitlin to be a personal attack on Ms.

McClure - this is purely business.

The innocuous infiltration of anti-growth and anti-development

brought to the table by groups like the Friends has been accepted and

promoted by Martha McClure and Leslie McNamer, damaging our county and

the families that live here. We need to vote for a change on the Board

of Supervisors.

Aadam Trask

Crescent City