Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Sunset students: Improvements in school food making difference

Thank you very much for your recent coverage of the organizing activities that resulted in the well-attended public meeting we held at our school on May 15.

This letter is in response to the May 17 article, "Students push for better meals."

We are thrilled with the improvements that have been made to our school lunch program since May 21. Not only do we receive a fresh, hot entrandeacute;e three days each week, we have an ample salad bar that provides us with lots of nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.

We have noticed that more students are taking advantage of the school

meal program, which means that more students are eating fresh, healthy

food! We are grateful to Rodney Jahn, Judy Wangerin, and the rest of the

Del Norte County School District Food Service employees for working

with our committee to identify and implement our revenue neutral

solutions so quickly!

We are also appreciative of our school principal, Suzie Dooley, and

support staff members Jessica Phillips, Cori Allen, and Vicki Evans for

working so hard to make our new school meal program a success!

It feels great to have so many adults in our community who are

willing to listen and support Sunset High School students in our efforts

to make ourselves healthier.

Maria Raya, junior

Ashley Erbeck, junior

Sunset High School

Alexander a good man who doesn't deserve persecution

I agree with Summer Moore-Clawson's May 24 letter, "We know who Alexander is, but not his critics in hiding."

We do know who District Attorney Jon Alexander is! The reality of Jon

Alexander is a caring and dedicated person that has overcome the stigma

and illness of drug abuse. Let it go and believe in the reality of

Jon's success in conquering this horrible addiction.

I for one am proud of Jon, and have seen the heartbreak of what is

happening to him. We should all encourage him to continue the fight

against the bureaucracy of others in trying to destroy his dedication.

Jon not only gives his time, but money, to support the Jordan

Recovery Center and the patients that are fighting to overcome the

addiction of drugs. This shows the dedication he has established to the

cause of turning away drugs in Del Norte County and, not just in the


I have personally seen Jon at functions that our former DA would

never be seen at. Supporting causes that many think of as trivial is a

priority for Jon as all of our programs in Del Norte County are


Support is important to the survival of many programs, from local

charities to the Soroptimist group that functions in a large way in Del

Norte County.

I believe that the rumors behind the persecution of Jon have been

brought forth to break Jon's spirit, however, it has made Jon a stronger

DA, and more dedicated to the county of Del Norte. I for one support

Jon in all of his endeavors to better our county, and re-establish the

laws as they are written.

Ms. Clawson you are right, this is not my town, or your town, but the

people's town and we did vote for Jon. I do believe that Jon's middle

name is "Perseverance."

Marilyn Strasser


Mistake in headline - 'Hupa' correct spelling for the people

It took me hours to realize what was wrong with your May 31 headline, "Hoopas: A new effort with dams."

The land is Hoopa. The people are Hupas. So the headline should have

started, "Hupas ..." I know, for I went to school there my first and

second grades, starting the fall of 1949. That is dating me.

Ronald Thompson

Crescent City