Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Your vote might make the difference on Election Day

Tuesday, Election Day, was a new experience for me. Oh, I voted. Wouldn't miss it.

But for the first time, I worked at a polling place. And what an experience.

We got there at 6 a.m. to set up. The polls open at 7 and there is a lot to do beforehand. We got to go home at 9 p.m., after the sheriff picked up the ballots. It was a long day of cold coffee and cold sandwiches. I am glad I did it, and I'll do it again. Wouldn't miss it.

I met an elderly gentleman, with obvious health problems, who may have voted for the last time, but he wouldn't miss it.

I met several new citizens, proudly fulfilling their American duty to vote, one for the first time. They wouldn't miss it.

And a young man, just 18, who spent his lunch break driving home to vote in his first election. He wouldn't miss it!

It was a disappointing day, too.

Out of more than 500 registered voters in the precinct I worked, only 102 voted.

I know, we all have had those days when we ... had a rough night, or

had a problem at home or work. Or think, "my vote isn't important," or

I'm only one person. It's easy to become jaded.

I wonder how many woke up Wednesday morning, and said, "oh no, 'he'

or 'she' won! I wanted the other guy." Or, "that initiative should not

have passed, it' unfair." Your vote might have made the difference.

If America, the America dreamed of by our founders, the America our

fathers fought and died for on the beaches of Normandy, 68 years ago, is

going to survive, we have to be like that elderly gentleman, like the

18-year-old first-time voter, and especially like the new citizen voter,

who chose the American dream of freedom in a democratic republic called


Remember this in November. Don't miss it!

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City

No student should be home-schooled due to bullying

I am writing this as a follow-up to my daughter Shawna Fairgood's letter printed May 19 on school bullying.

I am hoping a grandmother's letter will call some more attention to

the bullying problems in Del Norte schools. Did you know there is a

problem in our schools?

Did you know there is a bullying site on Facebook for Del Norte? The

site is called "If really knew me ... you would know," and it was

started by a parent last year trying to do something about the bullying.

I have been told some parents have removed their kids for

home-schooling to get away from the problems. We all pay our taxes and I

feel no student should have to be home-schooled because of the lack of

bullying control.

Our school superintendent and our School Board know about the

bullying site and now I want everyone to know! I have spoken to the

superintendent and the president of the School Board and have been told

they are going to update the board policy on bullying.

The update will be a step in the right direction as long as the

schools' staff members are required to take training, so that they

understand what verbal bullying is. I am afraid the verbal bullying is

going on daily on the schools' grounds and buses. I am also sure the

schools' staffs have been turning a blind eye to the verbal bullying for

a long time.

Please stand up for your kids and grand-kids.I know by now you're

saying it can't be that bad here in small Del Norte, but it can be.

No child should have to dread attending school because of some bully not being controlled by school staff.

Shirley Dollahite

Crescent City