Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Jon Alexander only seems to care about drug abusers

I'm writing in regard to the June 5 letter, "Alexander a good man who doesn't deserve persecution."

I do not agree that we know who Jon Alexander is! We do know what he pretends to care about and wants our town to believe, but in all honesty I think Jon Alexander is one of the most self-centered, selfish people I have ever had a chance to meet.

I do not believe that he cares about any case that comes across his desk unless it involves drug abuse, in which he tries to make an example of the people and prosecutes to the fullest extent.

Where was that attitude when Robert Gregory was savagely attacked by

George Bradshaw? Alexander couldn't even show up once in a week-long

trial, then pleas Bradshaw out, then does nothing when a few months

later Bradshaw is arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman to the

point of broken bones.

I'm so far from being proud of Jon Alexander, when I can pick up a

newspaper from Sacramento and read about how the people of Crescent City

elected a former meth abuser who is now the subject of a State Bar


I think it's nice to know that the residents of Crescent City come

out of the woodwork to defend someone who is so in the wrong, it's

rather amazing. I don't see the State Bar as trying to destroy his

dedication. I understand he has gave money and volunteered time to help

people overcome drug addiction in Del Norte County, but I don't believe

it makes up for all the ways he's abusing his power.

We as a town elected Jon to uphold the law and get justice in the

courtroom; he was not elected to donate time and money to drug abusers! I

think it shows that he's more concerned about the town's drug problem

rather than the crime rate that continues to rise.

The State Bar is a respected institution that needs to be there.

Let's just face it, he was on probation with the Bar when elected and is

now being investigated again and is being sued by a former prosecutor. I

am sorry that just doesn't happen to honest lawyers who follow their

oath to uphold the law. Jon just wants to act like this is all no big

deal. I do believe that Jon's middle name is "Perseverance." I don't.

Makayla Capshaw

Crescent City

Editor's note: Makayla Capshaw is the cousin of Robert Gregory.

What happens to us if Sutter Coast Hospital downsizes?

I would like to respond to Richard Cooper's June 7 letter, "Health Board ceded local control of hospital years ago."

I cannot verify that Seaside Hospital was "profitable." I can tell

you that as a young registered nurse I had not had a raise in five


Seaside Hospital reorganized sick time, vacation time and holiday pay

and rolled it into "paid time off." I personality lost 1,000 hours.

Those of us who came to work with a headache or hang nail lost big time.

During the past administration's leadership, our health insurance lapsed even though our payroll deductions continued.

So, was it under Sutter's guidance, or the leadership of John

Menaugh, CEO, and Tom Soule, director of nursing, that employees and

community prospered?

Let me tell you how things were in the "old days." There was a period

of time that we had no doctor in the Emergency Room after midnight. If a

patient was transferred out of the area it was because they needed a

higher level of care.

The way I view the current proposal, the biggest fear if Sutter

downsizes to 25 beds for the sole purpose of reimbursement, what does

this mean to the community? Could mean no doctor in the Emergency Room.

This is more than the local Board losing control, it is about what it means to the health care or lack of health in the future.

Virginia Bostwick

Crescent City

Children and teens should wear life jackets at rivers, beaches

They drown silently. Young children can drown silently, even adults

can go under and breath in water without anyone even knowing.

I would not go to the river or the beach with children without life

jackets, for everyone, and those who know how to swim at least a

Styrofoam noodle makes swimming more enjoyable and safe. They sell them

at the dollar store, for a dollar.

Life jackets can be found at thrift stores or yards sales. Or one can make them fancy. They're new at the store for $20 and up.

Teens go to the river and drown by the hundreds each year, and

getting them to wear life jackets is like getting them not to drink

alcohol on graduation night. A little tricky, but it can be done.

Suzanne Cyr

Crescent City

Support Dr. Greg Duncan, keep Sutter Coast the way it is now

As we all know and should be aware, Dr. Greg Duncan is the chief of

staff at Sutter Coast Hospital. However, he also is much more than that.

He has kept our family walking and moving our limbs along with many

others in the community, so he means a lot more to us than just being

chief of staff.

Please, as a community, let's get behind him and keep our fine Sutter

Coast Hospital just the way it is. As we age it really becomes so

vital to us seniors, and to cut back on the service it provides could

endanger our health.

So many of us have been born and kept healthy our whole lives in

both the old and new facility, so lets keep the hospital alive and

support Dr. Duncan.

Bill and Carlina Horn

Crescent City

The murder Jarrod Wyatt is charged with is out of character

I have known Jarrod Wyatt his entire life. This murder he is being

charged with is so out of character for him - and his family, that it is


The main thing I would like to know is where is the person who

brought "the tea" to the house and why is he not being charged also? In

my opinion, he is just as guilty as Jarrod. I do believe there are

extenuating circumstances concerning Jarrod and I pray they will be

brought to light when he is being sentenced.

I have known and loved that whole family over 30 years and will continue to do so. Especially Jarrod.

DeAnn Rupert

Logan, Utah

New ideas, methods come about through electing new candidates

We have just come through our election cycle and what stands out to

me is that, once elected, most officials have a hard time not running

again and again.

Two of the three members Board of Supervisors who were running for

re-election have held office for four terms and will now serve a fifth


How many terms does it take to accomplish some basic goals? Are these

people the only ones with ideas worth putting forth? It seems to me

that some new ideas and ways of doing things come about only by voting

in fresh faces.

We still have a chance to vote in one new face in the November

election. I have nothing against Leslie McNamer, and she has served two

terms. Why not get some fresh ideas and enthusiasm by electing Roger


I believe this community is too narrow-minded by electing the same people each cycle.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City