Del Norte Triplicate Readers

"Tsunami Way" would scare tourists away from downtown

Danger! Danger! Tsunami Way would be scary for tourists!

When we had our tsunami warning last year, we received phone calls from friends and relatives. There was a terror in their voices, thinking we were going to be wiped off the face of the Earth!

Thank heavens we weren't. Like Jackie Cochran stated in her June 23 letter, "'Tsunami Way' would call attention to tragedy hazard," Tsunami Way is not a good name to invite tourism to that part of downtown - leave it alone!

I think we should have a vote on a nice inviting name. My wife came

up with a good one: Lighthouse Way. I thought that sounded nice. Then I

added the word "Park, like "Lighthouse Parkway."

Let's come up with a nice inviting name, or just leave it alone!

Bill Cozzi

Crescent City

Gray's concession letter reflects political separation found locally

After reading Mr. Bill Gray's concession letter in the Triplicate on

June 23, I can only add: I am one of the 29,000 persons in the county.

I'm glad to see Ms. McClure re-elected.

The bitter tone and the childishness of Mr. Gray's letter only serves

to illustrate the separation and debates that have brought this country

to a legislative halt, have infected local politics and disgraced the

letters page of this paper.

Perhaps compromise and cooperation are only dreams a few of us keep,

but I believe they are part of the foundation that made our former

republic great, before it was bought and sold.

Jerry Critz


A modest proposal for attracting tourist dollars to Crescent City

The local "boosters," charged with the task of increasing business in

our area, have seized on the tsunami theme to put Crescent City on the

tourist map as the "Tsunami Capital of the U.S." Whether we can quibble

about whether Anchorage deserves that title, our "boosters" insist that

the only way they can achieve their objective is to rename Front Street

as Tsunami Way.

Since the current proposal for renaming the street calls for waiting

until the Front Street rejuvenation project is completed, it appears

that they may have to wait.

However, recent events on the Oregon Coast (see recent Triplicate

article on increased visitors to Agate Beach near Newport where a dock

from Japan washed up) have opened some near-term possibilities that

"boosters" might find enticing -- and in the spirit of what they seem to

envision for Crescent City.

Here, with apologies to Jonathan Swift ("A Modest Proposal," 1729), is a modest proposal to our marketeers:

andbull; They should try to snag our own piece of Japanese tsunami wreckage

for installation on our shoreline. If it is mildly, but not dangerously,

radioactive, that might add to its ability to attract visitors. Of

course, rigging it to glow in the dark might be a bit of overreach.

andshy;andbull; Placement will be an important consideration, since they want to

draw visitors into our city center to promote business. South Beach,

and even Beachfront Park might not be suitable, since it would be too

easy for visitors to just observe it, then continue along Highway 101.

andbull; Some consideration might be given to securing it along Pebble Beach

near the foot of the stairs just south of Pacific Street. Visitors

could be routed to Pebble Beach Drive along our bustling 3rd Street

business corridor, where window signs belonging to our largest

commercial property owner could illustrate our old theme, "Comeback

Town, USA."

andshy;So, "boosters," here's a chance to get your program up and running well in advance of Front Street rejuvenation.

So you don't feel out of step with other disaster areas, read the new

book, "Visit Sunny Chernobyl" (Andrew Blackwell, Rodale Press, May


That's the modest proposal, offered in the spirit of what our

"boosters" are trying to achieve. Think it over guys. I'm sure you'll

do the right thing.

Sara Kruse

Crescent City

Regionalization just may force sick people away from Del Norte

Perhaps Mehony Misina ("Regionalization could improve quality of

services in long run," June 21) should also do some homework. The letter

writer was born at Seaside Hospital in another time, before Pelican Bay

Prison, with the threat of riots, before the population increase of

retirees with their special health care needs, before drugs became a big

problem. We will always have the threat of natural disasters,

earthquakes and tsunamis.

Speaking of population, Del Norte County is over 30,000. Add to that

the population of Brookings/Harbor, Ore., whose residents most often are

transported to Sutter Coast in an emergency, then imagine only 25

beds, and no doctors in the ER!

Your hospital stay will be limited to four days. Got pneumonia? You

are going for an airplane ride. Stroke? In a coma? Off you go, at your

own expense, and without your family members.

Living in Orick, Misina would, in an emergency, be transported to Mad

River Hospital, a non-Sutter Health facility. Going to be a good one

too, they are already putting out feelers for our specialists, knowing

they won't have a practice here.

Misina praises HMO's, saying they are like Kaiser. Misina obviously

has not lived with the rationed care of an HMO. Try living with one when

you have a serious illness. You probably won't.

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City

Tea Party's common cause is protecting the U.S. Constitution

In response to Joe Barnwell's June 21 letter, "Why does Sheriff

Wilson oppose proposal that's good for DN?" the Tea Party is not a dirty

word. It is a group of people who vow no allegiance except to this

wonderful country, the United States of America, and to God.

The common cause is to protect the Constitution of this great nation

from those who would destroy it and thus, destroy our whole way of life -

freedom to live free within just laws enacted by duly elected


As this administration pulls us further and further into socialism

(and worse) be grateful there are those with the courage to fight back,

to stand up and be counted, in spite of attacks such as this against a

good man, Dean Wilson. He has every right, as a private citizen of this

country, to stand up and be counted for what he believes is right. Stop

attacking him you espouse the virtues of the environmentalists.

Environmentalists will continue their devil-work of nullifying our

land for human use. I lived in the high desert when Diane Feinstein got

thousands of acres of open desert fenced in to "save the desert

tortoise" - only someone forgot to tell the tortoise.

Thousands of other such terrible laws have gone through without

people even hearing of them. We all believe in sensible conservation of

our resources, but the effect on humans must enter the equation and

normal attrition must be taken into account.

God help us, who is going to provide the food when you prevent these

disgusting rich people from growing potatoes because the dams are down

and there is no water? What is the long-term goal of your wonderful

environmental takeover? How will people be fed? Or is the goal to

decrease the population by starving the masses?

As always, we call upon a just God and ask him to bless this great

nation. May the Tea Party groups all over this great nation grow in size

and strength to help bring us back constitutional governing for all

Americans. We are not radical, we are not violent, we are American! Come

to a meeting and see for yourself.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City