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City, county leaders should be speaking out on hospital

The Republican Women have been known for speakers addressing local issues and concerns. They did it again Wednesday with their guest speaker, Dr. Gregory Duncan.

Many of us know Dr. Duncan as a long-time local physician and surgeon. Fewer are aware he is also chief of staff for our Sutter Coast Hospital. His topic at the meeting was the proposed regionalization of our local hospital. That does not sound especially threatening initially and by itself, however, as more details emerge it becomes a monster of concern to every man, woman, and child in our area.

First, it seems what regionalization really means is that the local hospital board is dissolved and duties are taken over by a 32-member regional board in the Bay Area. Even the chief of staff would not be a member of that decision-making board. In one almost-secret move we lose local control of our hospital - taken over by a large impersonal corporation.

To make it sound good we are told there will be a local advisory

panel, entirely appointed by the corporation, with no decision-making

authority and which may be eliminated by the corporation at any time.

We also learned that available beds may be cut along with services.

Needed surgeries may be postponed as a result. Wouldn't it be nice to

have to go to Eureka or Medford every time you have a need that our

local hospital may no longer be able to meet?

This is such a major issue to our community one wonders where our

City Council members and county supervisors stand on this issue. Our

welfare is supposed to be their concern, yet it would be easy to assume

they are disinterested or too busy figuring out how to spend millions

improving Front Street while this corporation steals our hospital.

They all should be screaming bloody murder and using every bit of

political power they possess to prevent this takeover.

We are just lucky we have area doctors alert and brave enough to

sound the alarm!

Donald Helsel

Crescent City

It's vital that we maintain local control of hospital

Our family has lived in Crescent City for 40 years and have enjoyed

excellent health care. I was one of 60-plus people gathered (first time

for me) with signs in front of Sutter Coast Hospital opposing the

regionalization of our hospital.

I have attended meetings that explain why a shift from local control

to regional control is not in our best interest. We need to think what's

best for our local community.

This is not a health plan issue. This is about how decisions are made

for us and how they come about. Who stands to benefit? The corporation

(big business). Any profit made would o to the central corporation -

which means our profits would go to other hospitals and their


There is the statement by a Sutter Coast representative that the

hospital has not been profitable in the last year, probably reflecting a

poor economy.

Every year before 2011 has shown a profit. Why the problem in 2011?

Sutter Coast has chosen to shut down local billing and switched to a

regionalized system. Result? Local jobs lost and millions of dollars

were not properly charged. They are still hoping to collect.

Sutter Coast is trying to work in the best interests of our

community. Why would that be to switch control from local to big

corporate control? Does Sutter want our input? No, and it tries to

exclude our local efforts!

Sutter Coast says it has no plans to turn our local hospital into a

"critical care access" unit. Why should we believe that? In Lakeport,

Calif., it has been shown that critical care access has been a detriment

to them. Loss of control meant loss of a say in what goes on with their

local hospital. Lots of loss of jobs and services (just profits for the

corporation and big business).

Personally, if I were to choose an elective surgery and the beds

were full, I'd have to cancel or be flown to another facility to have a

procedure done with a designated physician not of my choice. I love our

community and want the best for all of us. Let's keep control local!

Renate Hirt

Crescent City

We don't need anyone telling us what's healthy to eat, drink

Your recent article announcing the opening of the farmers Market (by

Kelley Atherton) went so far beyond reporting the event that it became a

15-inch, four-plus-columns of propaganda for the Rethink Your Drink

campaign sponsored by community organizers such as Network for a Healthy

California and its ilk.

I really don't think the community needs our newspaper echoing what a

government group of paid hacks tell us: to drink water, etc.

Has anyone noticed how much shelf space is devoted to bottled water,

some of it even flavored, in our stores? And we certainly don't need

these community organizers lecturing us on what to eat and drink. What a

waste of taxpayer money!

Lynn McCarthy


Obama's conduct on 'Fast and Furious' is disgraceful

I don't care if you call the president Barack Hussein Nixon or

Richard Milhouse Obama, he needs to be impeached and thrown out of

office right now!

It is an absolute disgrace that a border patrol agent had to die

because of the incompetence and mendacity of the Obama administration.

President Obama wants to invoke executive privilege when it comes to the

"Fast and Furious" scandal? Why would he have to do that if the

president and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have nothing to do with

the scandal?

Hey ho, what do you know. This president has got to go!

By the way, this letter is not an attack piece for Mitt Romney and

the Republican Party. I support Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee

for president.

Joe Thomas

Brookings, Ore.

Public financial support of RV park makes no sense

The June 16 article, "City looks to cutting spending, dipping into

reserves," made me wonder if it is correct for a city-run RV park to

receive taxpayer dollars in the form of a state or federal grant when

all of the surrounding privately run RV parks have no such advantage.

Taxpayer subsidies for a city-run business to then unfairly compete

with the private business in the area does not sound right. There are

many privately-run RV parks in the vicinity of the Shoreline RV Park

that would be negatively affected by this.

In 2006, we attended a meeting when the City Council decided that the

city would take over and run the Shoreline RV Park. Mike Scavuzzo, on

the board at the time, made a motion to let a private party operate the

park. It was willing to sign a lease with the city to have the park

upgraded in two years.

The Council voted it down. Irene Tynes suggested offering free

continental breakfast and the newspaper to the park patrons. Apparently

that didn't work.

Now the city wants to go against private enterprise with taxpayers'

money/grants to upgrade the Shoreline RV Park.

"Big money-maker." Why doesn't the RV park take in enough to do these

upgrades? It has been city-run now for six years. Something is wrong

with this picture. The city shouldn't be competing with local RV parks

using tax payers' money for upgrades.

Rachel Towe

Crescent City

Business administrators in charge of hospital dangerous

When I was in college, quite a few of my friends who were studying

engineering or pre-med flunked out. Most ended up with degrees in

"business administration."

As I began working, I noticed that people in this category were often

running the show, deciding how the professionals should do their jobs

and what resources they would have to do them.

We now stand in danger of people in this category running the local

hospital without unput from medical or health professionals; and without

input from the local population they are supposed to serve.

Dale Watson

Crescent City

'Tsunami Way' would call attention to tragedy, hazard

I am writing in opposition to the City Council renaming Front Street.

It is my understanding it is proposing "Tsunami Way." Why on earth

would they want to call attention to such a negative name? The few

tsunamis that this community have experienced were devastating.

If I were a new person looking at Crescent City to establish a new

business and drove down Front Street and saw that it was named "Tsunami

Way," I would rethink my decision to locate in the downtown area. Maybe

best to head up the coast. It would be like Oklahoma City naming its

most desireable downtown street "Tornado Way."

Front Street is a historical street name for Crescent City. Leave it

as it is. If they want to do something positive, why not put Second

Street back in? When they took Second Street out after the 1964 tsunami,

it ruined the downtown area.

What Front Street needs is to be fixed and repaved and left as it is,

wide and inviting. It is the most inviting part of the downtown area.

Jackie Cochran

Crescent City