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Speculation about why Art Walk list in Triplicate was incomplete

I know it must have been a simple oversight that KFUG's participation in the most recent Art Walk was omitted from Kelly Atherton's otherwise inclusive and well-written article on the event.

The Triplicate - our community's newspaper of record - would never choose to intentionally slight the work of the two dozen unpaid volunteers who have come together at KFUG to create real, local media; nor would your paper willfully ignore the participation of local artist Marcia Voelker, whose sasqWAH painting and mural work was featured at our studio on I Street.

Such accidental omissions from an article that listed every other

participant in the Art Walk - a fun, community-building event that

fosters local pride and involvement - is regrettable; but I'm sure it

was just an accident.

If it was intentional, well, that would just be small-minded and

unprofessional, and we all know the Triplicate is neither of those

things andhellip;

Paul Critz

KFUG Radio

Crescent City

Editor's note: A response to this letter appears elsewhere on this

page in the column also called Editor's Note.

Drivers should be patient with new drivers on our streets

My son recently received his driving permit. He was so excited to be

able to start driving me around until he gets his license and can drive

without me.

So we get in the car, which is a stick shift, and begin the new

journey in his life. While driving on Elk Valley a car gets right on his

tail, begins honking, and then crosses a double yellow line to pass,

all while there is a car coming toward us in the other lane.

I would like to say this is the only rude person we have come in

contact with, but it's not. A few days later we were turning onto Norris

from Elk Valley and a lady decided she would ride his tail. So when we

stopped at the stop sign I look back and, surprise, surprise, she was on

her cell phone not paying us any attention.

The sad thing is it seems that people in Crescent City forgot what it

was like to be 15 1/2 and just starting to drive.

I would like to remind you all that there are new drivers on the road

and those of us that have been driving should be patient and not be

rude because they take off at the light a little slower than you would

like, or they take a little longer to take off at the stop sign. So

please just remember you were once a new driver!

Katrina Jackson

Crescent City