Thanks to those who helped during and after lodge fire

Crescent Lodge #45 FandAM was first chartered and built in 1845 on A street. After the first temple was destroyed, Seaside Hospital was built in that location and the lodge was rebuilt at its current location.

The June 29 fire destroyed all our records, books, regalia and working tools that were dated from 1854 until the present.

Firefighters from the first agency on scene entered the building and attempted to save our history and building. The fire was too hot and burning to stop, so they had to exit.

We would like to thank the following agencies for their efforts in saving our history and building: Crescent City Volunteer Fire, Crescent Fire Protection District, Cal-Fire, Fort Dick Fire, Smith River Fire, Harbor Fire, Brookings Fire, and Pelican Bay Fire Department.

You men and women did an outstanding job in trying to save our

history and building, and we want to thank you for your efforts. We

would like to thank Chief Doug Plack and the Crescent City Police

Department for their securing the area and quick investigation and

arrest of the responsible individual.

We want to thank Golden State Construction for its quick response in

boarding up the building and fencing the area to keep people out and

safe. This fire not only destroyed 159 years of Masonic history, but

destroyed property of the Eastern Star, Job's Daughters #182 regalia and

property, and Crescent City Women's Club property.

Even though this fire took 159 years of Masonic history, the members

of Crescent Lodge #45 and their families will always cherish the

memories in that lodge building.

Don Spiering

Past master

Crescent City

Hope for rebuilding of Mason structure - and its family

On Friday, June 29, I drove toward the smoke billowing into the sky

to see what was on fire, as I was curious. I looked to my left and

gasped as I realized it was the Masonic Lodge.

I became sad, thinking of what was burning - the history, photos,

special items and the building itself where weddings, memorials and

meetings have taken place. Then, I quickly started to recall all the

times I spent in that building as a teen.

I started my Masonic journey when I joined the International Order of

the Rainbow for Girls when I was 14. I remember wearing floor-length

gowns that my mom made. I remember spaghetti feed dinners, youth dances,

meetings and community service events.

I remember my first installation as Worthy Advisor and the reception

that followed; I danced with Art Lower, Stan Ridens and my grandfather,

all Masons. I also was a Job's Daughter.

Within these organizations and the sponsoring body of the Masons, I

learned to be a better person: to give back to my community, how to be a

leader, a listener and a sister to other girls. I was the first Grand

Officer of Rainbow Girls representing Crescent City Assembly 270 and the

state of California.

I am currently a member of Eastern Star. Most have heard of Masons,

Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls, DeMolay and Job's Daughters. All at one

time were active in Crescent City. As of now only the Masons and Job's

Daughters are active.

In the past few years the Masons have lost fellow service

organizations - Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls and DeMolay, due to low

membership; and now the Masonic family lost its home.

If you have not heard of these organizations, I would bet you have

eaten a doughboy - Job's Daughters sells these wonderful treats. So if

you are a member, have heard of these organizations or have eaten a

doughboy, you are connected to the Masons in some way.

We as a community have lost a great treasure. As tears run down my

checks, I hope with all of my heart that the Masons are able to rebuild;

not only the building, but the Masonic organizations and the Masonic


Cyndi Vaughan

Fort Dick

Would have preferred other photos from July 4 parade

On Thursday at 5:30 a.m. I rushed out to get the Del Norte

Triplicate, thinking I would see on the front page a picture of Jan

Martin as grand marshal.

Children are cute and precious. Jan has given her life, times, energy and money to support our troops.

Who cares where the cow chips fall? Was there not one float that deserved a picture?

Alice Morgan