Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Loss of Sutter Coast Hospital's level of care would be tragic

We are truly on the actual verge of losing the high quality of hospital care and services, those of which have always been such a valued, appreciated and competent entity within our community.

I, and others I have spoken to, need to agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Gregory Duncan, including numerous medical staff members, regarding Sutter Coast's stand on a regionalization decision.

At this drastic point in time, the general consensus is to not place a permanent ban on regionalization. Within all moral and ethical reviews, of course, it would be so much more favorable should, in reality, space be allowed and available for opportunity to thoroughly investigate and weigh every pro and con on such a permanent decision. In truth, does every element of our healthy safe-keeping need to be judged solely on the almighty dollar?

I myself am a senior, having lived in Del Norte County for over 35

years. Yes, we are considered a rural community, yet population has

increased quite a bit over the last few decades. Those of us who choose

to reside in a county atmosphere, especially the older generation, take

pride and have faith and reassurance in having an expert and reliable

medical staff and facility close at hand.

On numberous episodes I myself have been placed in Sutter Coast's

hands for surgeries and such. Never once have I ever not been pleased

with its service, care and treatment. Each and every department within

the hospital, all staffers, including private physicians, are excellent


How very sad and emotionally and physically deprived an environment

would be, in which we all are citizens, should it come to pass that any

one of us were denied anything less than the complete, competent local

medical facility we have been so fortunate to align our lives around.

In my simple estimation, the loss would be tragic should the giant

corporation redirect our well-being. Besides, if the entire hospital, in

the end of all this, be dissected and left with only limited, specific

services, well, how many will end up suffering? Any future patients, of

course, and also staff employees if jobs were dissolved. Can our

community be so denied in quality of care? Is there any rational

fairness left?

Donn Lanz

Crescent City

More pictures of Fourth of July Parade floats needed in Triplicate

I truly missed not seeing any pictures of the floats of the Fourth of

July Parade.

Most people don't realize that those of us in the parade (200-300?)

don't get to watch the parade. We have to line up by 8 or 8:30 and be

ready by 9, so we only see those floats near us. If you've ever been on a

float, you know how much time, energy and money can be invested in some

of the larger floats.

The children were darling, but, please, we need more pictures! Do we

need all the crime articles on the front page? I heard a visitor

commenting on this. I know you have to write about the big things, but

the petty crimes, too?

Calie Martin

Crescent City