Triplicate Staff

Harbor groundbreaking ceremony should have been open to public

I read in a July 10 article, "Harbor: 'Excited to get started,'" that the groundbreaking ceremony for the Crescent City harbor restoration was by "invitation only."

Can anyone provide me with a reasonable explanation why this is so? Compartmentalization at is finest. Disgraceful.

On another note: Remember when the San Diego City Council voted to

boycott Arizona when it passed legislation pertaining to the multitudes

of illegal Mexicans invading Arizona? Ludicrous in the extreme. Did

those numbskulls forget that California passed a very similar piece of

legislation back in 1997 that was even more stringent than Arizona's?

How quickly those dilbert pols forget.

As for the boycott, we Arizonans (I was a resident at that time)

celebrated the prospect of have fewer Californians and their interesting

perspectives wandering our streets and infecting our multitudes with

their virulent opinions and idiotic ideas.

Another example of why so many people feel that the only thing wrong

with California is that it is inhabited by Californians.

Harsh? Perhaps. But California might wish to think about cleaning up

its own corrupt thinking, not to mention its politicians, law

enforcement (remember Rampart, ad nauseum?) and its ilk before even

thinking about criticizing another state and its peoples.

Michael Pierce

Brookings, Ore.