Triplicate Staff

No common sense in harborresponse to pelican deaths

For the first time in years Crescent City business had an opportunity to increase profits and growth due to tourists (mainly sport fisherpersons) coming into town and spending their money here. Not to be! Once again Crescent City Harbor's incompetency and stupidity take over!

On Friday the Harbor personnel removed all of the cleaning stations (other than the very small building which should have been many times larger) from existence. Compounding those actions, harbor personnel also removed themselves from the "line of fire" that would result when the fisherpersons came in from fishing to clean their catch.

Taped signs told that Harbormaster Richard Young had made this decision and all fish cleaning would only be allowed in the small building. This resulted in well over a hundred persons trying to use a facility that at the best of times accommodates a dozen.

There were complaints about the pelicans attacking people cleaning fish at the open cleaning stations. Rather than put a simple roof over these stations and a fence around to protect all involved (people and birds) the stations were removed without any discussion whatsoever.

The resulting feeling is that Crescent City wants the money from the people fishing, it just does not want the people! In other words, just mail your dollars to Crescent City but do not appear in person because you are not welcome.

Between the Department of Fish and Game, the environmentalists and the harbor management, everything they could possibly do to shut down sport fishing here has been done.

Basically even the pelicans have more intelligence than harbor management. Citizens, business owners, sport and commercial fishing people: If you want your investment in this community to grow and support you and the lifestyle you want then remove the incompetent people from their positions endangering you and get somebody with good old common sense in their place. Enough is enough!

Janis Buikema

Sport fisherperson

Crescent City

Insulted by Tea Party's attitude toward freedom and humanityRegarding the Tea Party Patriots in Del Norte County, I honor all people who have laid there life down to protect our freedom.

How you get that freedom only comes from God and birth - are you preachers now?

How disrespectful to every veteran in my family who watched friends lay their life down to protect freedom in this country or any other. I take offense to anyone telling me to teach my children what real freedom means. Are you teachers now?

I teach my children of hard work: education, the American dream. I also teach my children about humanity.

History has shown us, that a town full of people without humanity will destroy itself.

Every time a battered women has a place to run, a hungry child has food to eat, when a senior gets in home support services, I feel freedom. I know I have contributed, or my kids have.

I am so thankful there are services in place for people to repair their lifes. I am happy to pay my taxes to ensure it.

I am insulted you mention religion and money in the same sentence.

Your snake banner, to say the least, is frightening enough. Now your flags hangs on our Del Norte County fairgrounds walls.

Fair Board members, what is up with that?

Now you disrespect the very people who work hard, make nothing and pay their taxes. I wonder what businesses you all run and how much you pay your employees?

Summer Moore

Crescent City

Sheriffs are no joke: They pose grave danger to our way of lifeWhile it would be tempting to dismiss the "constitutional sheriffs" as political entertainment ("Sheriffs state their case here," July 17), that would be a mistake. This bunch is serious about rolling back the clock to an era of unrestrained exploitation of timber and minerals. They also want to let the off-highway vehicle crowd free to wreak havoc on unmaintained back-country roads ... and off the roads as well.

These ideas are economically dangerous. The modern North Coast economy - as opposed to what these guys fantasize - is strongly dependent on quality of life factors: clean water, clean air, fisheries, a healthy and abundant ocean, outstanding scenery. The policies these guys advocate would damage that modern economy in an attempt to turn back the clock to what they apparently believe was a golden age.

Really, these fellows should stick to law enforcement. Citizens are concerned when those sworn to protect all the people attack and denigrate certain classes of folks because of their beliefs. That road leads to fascism; how far these sheriffs go down that path remains to be seen.

Locals have a role in managing the public lands and local elected officials have a special role. But let's not forget that these lands belong to all Americans; they should be managed under applicable law and should not be controlled by sheriffs - even those who call themselves "constitutional."

There is one thing on which I agree with this bunch: we should teach our children "about our history." I trust they will agree that should be all the history and not a censored or sanitized version. Teaching the real history will include teaching about the genocide that white European invaders visited on the North Coast's native peoples during the period of 1850-1875 andhellip; and about the destruction these invaders visited on the land. That should be a lesson to all of us about what can result when greed is free to do what it will.

Felice Pace


Call for public debate on merits of fluoridating our water supplyFor more years than I care to remember I've been requesting of my City Council to debate and discuss the merits and cost of fluoridating our water. Not only have it put the public off, but also you'd think it was the mouthpieces for the dental industry spouting the greatness of fluoridation.

After attending the July 16 council meeting, I finally accept it doesn't want to deal with facts. It has stifled any debate by not allowing council members to speak on the matter, and even tried to silence the public from speaking on it.

I'm issuing a challenge to the newspaper to host a forum and have both sides debate the issue. Dr. Gary Blatnick so far has refused. (Although he wrote an opinion piece on it), and Dr. John Tynes, who wrote that glowing piece two years ago in Coastal Voices. If they still think drinking HFSA is so beneficial let them come out in public, bring their evidence, show us the test data and put their money where their mouth is.

I'm not a doctor, but I'll happy to be part of the debate team armed with facts and figures and scientific evidence. When the medical and dental establishment gives medical endorsements stating that drinking fluoride is safe, harmless, effective it's time for a debate so they can back up their claims. (Especially when none of the manufacturers of this poison are even willing to do so.)

All sides deserve to be heard, so that everyone may be able make an informed decision about this since it is on the ballot and city residents will have a chance to vote on it.

Let me know if the Triplicate has the guts to host this forum. Then let's see if the doctors and dentists have the guts to take part.

Jesse Salisbury

Crescent City