Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Feeling stifled by officials about addressing fluoridation concern

I recently reread the article Dr. John Tynes wrote almost two years ago in a Coastal Voices article for the Triplicate in which he said that he "can say without hesitation to you, my patients and my friends, that fluoridation is safe, and, equally important, it is also good for our health."

I'm no doctor, but I can tell you from personal experience that fluoride causes me to have seizures. I didn't realize this until I moved out of Crescent City for almost six months.

During the time I was living out of Crescent City, I was drinking and bathing in well water and bottled reverse-osmosis water. My seizures decreased and my medications were greatly reduced by my doctor.

When I moved back into the area and resumed drinking and bathing in city tap water, my seizures increased and I landed in the ER after a 10-minute shower. I learned that fluoride is absorbed through the skin, which I didn't know. For someone as allergic to the hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) in our tap water as I am, it cost more money for me due to the physical injuries I sustained from the seizure, the hospitalization and lab tests. For the people who think that HFSA is safe to drink and bathe in and that no one has been harmed, guess again. I have been harmed!

When I went to the Crescent City Council and told them about this, Mayor Kathryn Murray and Councilwoman Kelly Schellong sneered at me, which added insult to injury.

Then at another council meeting where I tried talking about the "Rethink Your Drink" program being good except for encouraging the drinking of fluoridated tap water, I was told to stop talking by Mayor Murray and I was escorted out by Police Chief Doug Plack.

I looked over a list I found of the four stages of fluoride poisoning and never saw anything about seizures; everything from thyroid dysfunction, depression, headaches, neck stiffness, hair loss, muscle spasms, joint pains, numbness, sleep disturbances, tinnitus and more.

For people in Crescent City that have been fooled and tricked by the "trust me because we're your friends," all I want to say is good luck. I hope you realize someday that you are slowly being poisoned to death and other than Councilwoman Donna Westfall, the rest of the City Council acts like they couldn't care less.

Gini Aland

Crescent City

Thanks for coverage, support of hospital regionalization fight

We would like to thank the Triplicate for covering our town hall meeting to discuss Sutter Health's plans to regionalize Sutter Coast Hospital, which would dissolve our local Board of Directors and transfer the ownership and governance of our local hospital to Sutter's Board located in San Francisco.

We are both encouraged and gratified by the support of our friends, neighbors, patients and the over 1,000 local residents who have signed our petition to stop Sutter.

As I said at the town hall, our local newspaper is a great venue for the community to voice their opinions. We appreciate the ongoing and thorough coverage that you and Emily Jo Cureton have been providing for your readers.

Interested residents may also stop by my office at 1200 Marshall St. for more information.

Dr. Greg Duncan

Dr. Anne Marie Duncan

Crescent City

Sheriff Wilson wrongly decribes his role as an elected official

Sheriff Dean Wilson has said that because sheriffs are elected, the position is political; therefore he should be free to vigorously pursue his political agenda in his capacity as sheriff. This is wrong.

There's a huge difference between Sheriff Dean Wilson and other elected officials: Sheriff Dean Wilson carries a gun and is in charge of an armed organization. The government grants him and others in the organization the right to use violence and the threat of violence to change people's behavior (e.g., stop them from stealing). This right is not granted to other elected officials.

Being granted a state-sanctioned monopoly on violence gives the person wielding it great power. This power carries with it a responsibility to neither explicitly nor implicitly use this power for personal or political ends. No one should be sheriff who doesn't understand and accept this responsibility.

If people disagree with Supervisor Finigan's opinions, the worst Finigan can do is tell them to vote for someone else. Sheriff Wilson can use his state-sanctioned monopoly on violence to destroy the lives of those who disagree with him.

Whether Wilson acknowledges this or not, the fact that he makes his political statements as a sheriff gives his statements this undercurrent of threat. We all know stories of law enforcement officers misusing power this way, from Jim Crow police to Bull Connor to J. Edgar Hoover to the present. Worse, Sheriff Dean Wilson and the other so-called "constitutional sheriffs" are explicitly aligning themselves with specific sectors of the economy - in this case timber and agriculture - and are also implying those who stand in the way of profits in these sectors, by advocating for salmon, for the Klamath River, for fish, trees, birds and frogs, are not only extremists but internal enemies.

By definition, then, these sheriffs are turning themselves and the departments they command into armed advocates for these economic sectors. This is horrible, unprofessional, and antidemocratic behavior. The job of "law enforcement officers" is to enforce the law (which includes environmental laws, which I can't realistically see these sheriffs enforcing), not to be armed advocates for sectors of the economy. How can we trust these sheriffs to fairly and impartially enforce the law when they've aligned themselves with specific sectors of the economy, and when they've declared those who oppose their political agenda to be enemies? We can't, and it's outrageous of them to expect us to.

Derrick Jensen

Crescent City

Read labels carefully to avoid feeding your animals toxins

A word of caution for those having pets. I lost my pet cat due to many tumors in her stomach.

If it were not for a friend of mine who took time to check out the food I was giving her, I wouldn't have known about the additives that are put in animal foods, such as ethoxyquin, which is a pesticide, and preservatives. These ingredients are very harmful and are causing cancer.

Suggestion: Use your Internet to research the stuff that is put in them. This ethoxyquin is also found in our feed for chickens and some in our very own foods we use daily.

For over eight years I was feeding my cat the wrong food. This, over eight years, has caused tumors. It does take time before this problem becomes apparent.

Rita Moore

Crescent City

Hospital regionalization: something doesn't add up

I went to the meeting on the takeover of Sutter Coast Hospital on Wednesday night. It sounds to me like a hostile takeover; everything has been done in secret.

There is the possibility of only being allowed a four-day stay before being shipped off to another hospital. Yes, they do this already but only if they can't help you here.

The problem not only comes from not knowing where a loved one will end up, but also the costs involved. Air flights can cost thousands of dollars. This makes me wonder if the takeover has more to do with the air flights.

I don't understand why they would want to only have fewer beds in the hospital and shorter stays. More air flights?

Something just isn't ringing true here. This is no way to help the community stay well.

Coast Pauline

Crescent City