Sheriff is nothing but polite, concerned for our welfare

Every so often I read something in the letters to the editor section that hits a nerve and I have to respond. Well here we go again.

I'm not going to name anyone by name but you have all read the letters saying basically how horrible Sheriff Dean Wilson is. I've known Dean well enough to walk up to him and say "Hi" since high school and have never known him to be anything but professional, courteous and caring.

To say that he is anything else because he doesn't believe in your political views is not right! I would guess that most of these letters are written by ultra-liberal environmentalists, or family members of somebody who keeps getting arrested.

Growing up here I, like Dean, remember the days when Crescent City was a bustling, thriving logging and fishing community. The only reason that it still isn't is because of environmental laws and regulations. So remembering how it was, and looking at how it is, doesn't make Dean an "unprofessional" sheriff. It makes him understanding of the potential Crescent City once had and still could have if Big Government and the environmentalists got out of the way.

So to them I say, if you think the human race is so bad for this area and wish to keep it as untouched as it was before man was here, then step up and lead the rest of your group and move back to where you came from! And if you really care, do us all a favor and take the meth-users with you!

Mike Cuthbertson


Applause for area sheriffs' defense of our civil liberties

Sheriff Wilson along with other county sheriffs attend constitutional meetings in support of our individual civil liberties.

Their involvement is only to help the citizens understand their constitutional rights and have no political motives. Law enforcement personnel are citizens just as we are and have as much right to assembly as anyone else.

I applaud Sheriff Wilson and his staff for keeping us safe, even with the limited manpower at his disposal during these hard times.

Gil Garrez

Crescent City

Obama's birth, education, parents are all in question

Well, folks, when you sort through the plethora of innuendoes and statements regarding Mr. Obama, there are some questions which need accurate and truthful answers:

1) Where was he truly born? Kenya or the United States? There are several birth certificates circulating out there.

2) Did he really attend Columbia and Harvard? No one seems to remember him at these schools at all. That could be a reason he has not released his college transcripts and theses.

3) Were his parents really married? There doesn't seem to be any marriage licenses in the records even though Mr. Obama Sr. had a legal wife in Kenya and not Ms. Dunham when Obama Jr. was born.

4) And then there is ACORN. Mr. Obama said he had a slight relationship with ACORN. Paperwork showed he represented them legally in court. What is the truth?

We need answers to these questions and well in advance of our November election.

Patricia Thorpe

Crescent City

Hospital regionalization maytake away services, doctors

We are strongly opposed to the regionalization of Crescent City's Sutter Coast Hospital. Our fear is that most of our services will be lost and that our hospital will effectively become a big "admitting room" for larger Sutter hospitals hundreds of miles away.

With a possible conversion to a maximum stay of four days and only 25 beds available, our doctors will be very limited on what services they can provide and will probably move on to more receptive areas to practice medicine.

Rawlin and Toni Radle

Crescent City