Del Norte Triplicate Readers

SEIU ladies lend needed support to tough decision

Today was an amazing day for me. I in the last two weeks have made the decision to leave the Crescent City area, where I'm established with a nice little place, two dogs and a very good job.

My reason for leaving the area is to go care assist in the care for my mother. It was almost a calling sort of feeling today. I'm walking through the little fair our community has and came across the SEIU booth and I met two of the nicest ladies. They answered my questions plus more and made me realize that what I was doing was okay.

Because we have such a stereotype about this idea of caring for family. For some reason when you tell people this they just look at you like you're nuts. Come on people, it is our responsibility to do this.

I'm so very scared what is going to happen on both sides here. I'm afraid to lose everything I have built for myself and I am so very afraid to face the fact that my Mother is getting older and she isn't going to be around forever. Myself and siblings who are assisting, like all, only have one mother and one father. My mother was an in-home care provider in the Sacramento area and it never really hit me until I talked with these ladies with SEIU in Del Norte County - they gave me a peace inside my heart today that I don't want to shake.

The hardest thing was telling my employer that I had to do this and the fear of what is about to happen is overwhelming. It puts everyone in a position but, I appreciate everything my employer Kevin Hendrick with Del Norte Solid Waste has offered to do for me. (Some folks should really should lighten up on him - he does a great job, and you know it.)

I thought when I told him he would let me go. And I wasn't sure what I was going to do, and still have reservations on some things. I know my actions and my frame of mind are in the right place. I have never felt so in control of my life before.

So, thank you Summer and Deidrea at the SEIU booth at the Del Norte County Fair. You made me feel so much better through a difficult time.

Rosemarie Reppond

Crescent City

Hospital board's resolve at odds with mission statement

On the Sutter Coast website, I pulled up the list of members of the Board of Directors and what I would call their "mission statement." It says "they help to ensure Sutter Coast Hospital continues to enhance the health and well being of the citizens of Del Norte and Curry counties, as well as visitors seeking our services."

The recent position the board members have taken to regionalize the hospital would indicate they are not fulfilling their job.

Three local and respected physicians have taken strong positions against regionalization. The board has voted for regionalization. I believe they have a duty to tell us, the citizens of Del Norte and Curry counties, why, and also why they believe all the local opposition is wrong.

If you take a position that affects the entire county, you should at least own up to your position and tell us the logic in your decision.

Hospital board members, it is time you faced the public in a public meeting and explain your position. And also explain to us why employees of Sutter Health can sit on the board and vote on a decision that turns ownership of millions of dollars worth of real estate and assets over to themselves. It's like a property management company making the decision that the property owner must give it his property.

You have been sitting behind a cloud of secrecy and non-disclosure for too long now. Perhaps the sensible approach is to change your vote and not to regionalize at this time, but carefully explore the ramifications fully and with local citizen input and then revisit the issue next year.

Jay and Nancy Chernak

Crescent City

Guns are not the problems, it's people misusing them

I have been reading a lot of stuff about guns, but you don't read about people killing people. It's not guns that do people in, it's the person that pulls the trigger, loads the gun and aims at their target. And if the gun did kill someone, the person should unload it. Never leave a gun loaded.

They should stop trying to change the law again, but deal with what they have now. It keeps changing; it doesn't help. Why change? But do something with what we have for gun laws. Enforce them. Make our society stronger.

Where did that nut get all his stuff? Why did we allow him to? We need to stop getting guns on the computer. Do a real check on these nuts.

Stay with the right action.

Suzanne Varner

Crescent City