Triplicate Staff

Telephone numbers and email addresses for local, state and federal public officials.

Crescent City Council

Mayor Pro-Tem Richard Holley:

Richard Enea:

Blake Inscore:

Kathryn Murray:

City Hall: 377 J St., Crescent City, 464-7483


City Manager

Eugene Palazzo: 464-7483,

Crescent City interim Police Chief

Floyd Stokes: 464-2133, c

Crescent City Fire Chief

Steve Wakefield: 464-9113

Del Norte County Board of Supervisors

Chairman David Finigan, District 5:

Vice Chairperson Gerry Hemmingsen, District 4: g

Roger Gitlin, District 1:

Martha McClure, District 2:

Mike Sullivan, District 3:

Del Norte County Administrative Officer

Jay Sarina:

Del Norte County District Attorney

Dale Trigg: 464-7210

Del Norte County Sheriff

Dean Wilson: 464-4191,

Del Norte Unified School District Board of Education

Board President Frances Costello, District 3: 458-3636,

Vice President/Clerk Judith Cordts, District 4: 487-8101

Don McArthur, District 1: 465-3710,

Angela Greenough, District 2: 951-4899;

Jamie Forkner, District 5: 951-5040

Del Norte Unified School District Superintendent

Don Olson: 464-0200,

Calif. Highway Patrol Commander — Crescent City area

Lt. Michael Redel: 464-3117

Crescent City Harbormaster

Charlie Helms: 464-6174 ext. 24

Acting State Parks North Coast Redwoods District superintendent

Michelle Gardner: 707-445-6547 ext. 13

State Parks Redwood Coast Sector superintendent

Jeff Bomke: 465-7332

Redwood National Park superintendent

Steve Prokop: 465-7301

State Assemblymember, 2nd Assembly District

Jim Wood (D): Sacramento office 916-319-2002

Humboldt office (represents Del Norte) 707-445-7014


State Senator, 2nd Senate District

Mike McGuire (D): Sacramento office: (916) 651-4002


California Governor

Jerry Brown (D): Sacramento office: 916-445-2841


U.S. Congress member, 2nd District of California

Jared Huffman (D): Humboldt District office 707-407-3585

Washington, D.C., office: 202-225-5161


U.S. Senators, California

Dianne Feinstein (D):

S.F. office 415-393-0707

Washington, D.C., office: 202-224-3841


Barbara Boxer (D):

S.F. office 415-403-0100

Washington, D.C., office: 202-224-3553


The White House

Phone comments to 202-456-1111

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