Ownership of Sutter Coast Hosp. unclear

The saga of Sutter Coast Hospital continues, largely off the radar, with occasional glimpses behind the curtain provided by Dr. Greg Duncan's tireless efforts at disclosure of events behind the scenes (where Sutter Health obviously prefers them) as well as an occasional article by Triplicate writer Emily Jo Cureton. I am most appreciative of them all.

In his Aug. 11 Coastal Voices piece, "An update on Sutter Coast issues," Dr. Duncan submitted an informative appraisal of the machinations of Sutter Health.They should be enough to cause all citizens within an area of our hospital grave concern.

The ownership of Sutter Coast Hospital has been nebulous to me, to say the least, but according to Duncan that has been clarified to a degree by none other than West Bay Region President Mike Cohill himself. He states Sutter Coast Hospital owns itself, Duncan wrote. It is separate from Sutter Health,which contradicts claims made by, among other executives, Eugene Suksi,the resident CEO. So even as Cohill's statement clarifies, it complicates.

If Mike Cohill knows about the true status of the hospital, why don't the other executives? Or do they? What is the source of his knowledge? While it may be meant for Sutter Health insiders only surely it would be available to other upper echelon members.

If Mr. Cohill knows Sutter Coast Hospital is not owned by Sutter Health, why does he pursue a transfer of ownership through regionalization? His acknowledgement would seem to militate against regionalization. It would be outrageous to take over a company through a mere vote of members of a rigged board. Yet, it does present that appearance. The Sutterandndash;picked board members that live among us have taken part in giving away ourhospital. Much grief to members of our community willresult.

Dr. Duncan has found that a feasibility study for conversion to critical care is under way at this time. That would seem to be a spear pointed at the heart of our current full-service hospital. Mr. Cohill'sagenda does not augur well for DelNorte/Curry County residents.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City

Pet owners dumping unwanted animals

I really hope someone prints this! As Andy Rooney once asked, "You know what makes me really mad?" It is the irresponsible people who dump, yes dump, their animals and push their problems on others.

We live in the in a semi-remote area and it seems that any person, who does not want their cat dumps them here without regard for others. (Let alone the animals themselves).

These are living creatures and if they are not fixed, well they multiply. It has been up to us to trap these cats and get them fixed at our expense or have them put down. We now have to catch four more cats (mommy and her three 5-week-old babies) and do something about it. Not sure what to do since we cannot afford to feed every cat that shows up.

Only once I wish I could see a cat throw the owner from the car and dump them somewhere and have to fend for themselves. If you are reading this and are one of these people, take the animal(s) to the shelter and have them put down on your own. You should experience this first-hand and maybe things will change.

James Singer

Crescent City