We shouldn't 'give away our hospital'

Having attended both town hall meetings concerning the giving away of our local hospital by the Board of Directors (made up of local citizens), I am full of questions.

Why behind closed doors did you, the Board, vote without any input from the staff, Health Care District or the doctors who care for us or we the people who are the patients and rely on the hospital to care for us? Why did you vote without reading the new bylaws, drawn up by Sutter Health? Why did you vote without making sure there would be a local voice on the new Board?

Sutter Coast Hospital has been profitable every year since the new hospital was built except one, when Sutter Health outsourced its billing procedures and in the process lost millions of dollars. It has been stated that regionalization will keep Sutter Coast Hospital from going broke; well, if millions of dollars weren't being siphoned off by Sutter Health our hospital would be in fine shape.

Hospital CEO Eugene Suksi stated that at this time Sutter Coast did not meet the criteria to down-size our hospital to critical access, but with California rushing head long to implement the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and therefore putting millions more on medical, how long will it be before the criteria is met, our hospital is turned into a critical access facility and our taxes are raised to pay 101 percent of the bills for those patients, and we are left with a minimum care hospital.

What happens the next time there is a riot at the prison and dozens of our corrections officers and prisoners are injured, and there aren't enough beds, are they just to bleed to death waiting for transport elsewhere? Somehow this whole thing doesn't pass the smell test.

I challenge the Board of Directors to hold a town hall meeting to explain to we the people why it is in our best interest to give away our hospital with no say in how it is run, however I don't hold out much hope.

We own the hospital and the Board of Directors had no right to give it away without any community input.

Gay McWhirter

Crescent City

Fluoride in water exacerbates malady

I have a thyroid condition so drinking fluoridated water harms me. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and having my thyroid jacked around by incidental fluoride exposure, so I can no longer eat at Crescent City restaurants because the food and beverages are prepared using fluoridated water.

I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips and osteoporeses in my spine (a precursor toosteoporosis). This condition makes my bones weak. People's bones get so weak they break their bones from just stepping down stairs. I can't begin to tell you the disgust I feel toward the City Council, which refuses to have a moratorium on fluoride when over-exposure to fluoride is linked to osteoporosis.

The City Council has the power to enact an ordnance due to the petitions of signatures that were turned in. City Attorney Bob Blcak gave his legal opinion that the fluoride added to Crescent City's water supply can only be removed by the citizens registered to vote and living in the Crescent City boundaries at election time. His assistant's opinion is the Council can create an ordinance to have a moratorium immediately.

I avoid fluoridated water at all costs and when I buy groceries I buy organic produce. But avoiding it when I go out to eat is harder. I don't know how to order a fluoride-free meal from a menu, so I guess I just have to stop eating out in Crescent City.

Starbucks is one place I know that filters water. If other restaurants did this they would get my business back, but until then if I want to go out to eat I have to drive to Brookings because they don't put fluoride in their water.

Connie Morrison

Crescent City

Obama says one thing, does another

While our founding fathers had a strong belief in God and felt America had a special place in history, our president does not uphold their standards. President Obama tells one story, his actions show something else. Here are some examples:

At Georgetown University on April 17, 2009, Obama representatives requested the monogram symbolizing Jesus be covered up. In 2009, Obama decided not to host a National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House.

He told us it was important that all Americans have health insurance. So he and the liberal Congress crafted "Obamacare." He said there would be no new taxes in this bill, in fact, it would reduce our national debt; again, this is not true.

Here the facts about this horrendous legislation. According to The Heritage Foundry on July 24 the Congressional Budget Office said this bill will cost Americans more than $1 trillion dollars and still leave 30 million Americans uninsured. New taxes on drug companies and medical device makers will add $47 billion to this bill. Physicians will have more regulations and reporting requirements, making it more costly to treat patients.

President Obama told us there would be no lobbyists in his administration, yet he appointed lobbyists to positions of power.

He said he would bring America together again, yet he follows Saul Alinsky's model of pitting groups against each other.

According to Aaron Glantz in a New York Times article of Aug 18, 2011, green energy is only a pipe dream of liberals. Glantz wrote that in the Silicon Valley from 2003 and 2010 it actually lost 492 green energy jobs. California was awarded $186 million of stumulus money but two years later has spent about half that money, creating only 583 full-time positions. The Economic Development Department in California reported that$59 million was dedicated to green energy job training, which has led to only 710 job placements; a cost of $82,000 per job.

How can anyone who thinks logically vote for this dismal failure of a president?

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City