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Reflections on family, politics in memory of grandmother

How does one take an office as a Democrat, then in a few years change to a Republican?

I was born into a hard-core Democrat family. No, not all of us were poor. Our family had an array of characters - military, business owners, farmers, destitute, you name it, we were born and raised Democrats.

I remember having Easter dinner with my family. My grandmother asked me how I was doing. I know I was excited that Reagan had been re-elected president and boasted about it

You would have thought the earth stopped, people stop chewing, the dog stop nipping for food under the table, I think my sister's baby actually stop sipping on his bottle - it was dead quiet.

My grandmother looked at me and continued to cut into her ham. She calmly asked: "Since when does this family support a Republican?"

I said, "Yes Gran, I have been a registered Republican for a year now." Now I won't go into detail about what happen after that. I do know that every Thanksgiving and Christmas no one sat even close to me andshy;- I am sure ordered by our grandmother, God rest her Democrat soul.

I was no longer invited into the living room to have casual political conversations. The peer pressure was tremendous. Ten years went by

At a relative's wedding, I was sat in the back of the room. My uncle came by to say hello and asked how I was doing. I told him I was a Democrat now and happy about it.

He told me he was glad to see I had grown up with some sense.

I did grow up a lot, I saw a lot of injustice in this world. I will forever be happy as a Democrat. My search was over to what I stood for.

It took two more years before I was hugged first at a family function, but eventually I was accepted back.

My point is not to make my family appear cold and unloving, but rather that changing political parties is serious. It takes thought as to who you are and what you stand for.

In the words of my great grandfather, "Hell if you're a true Democrat you will forever be a Democrat."

Written in loving memory of a strong Democrat woman, my grandmother, Ollie Eubanks.

Summer Moore

Crescent City