Del Norte Triplicate Readers

A thank-you to two good

Samaritans who helped mom

I would like to thank the two gentleman who took it upon themselves to help save my mother from a very dangerous situation. She was the victim of a freak accident on US Highway 101 at Anchor Way when the driver of the vehicle she was riding in blacked out and ran off the roadway.

My mother, who is 83 and blind, had no idea where she was or what happened. When the vehicle came to rest she opened the door and fell about 10 feet into the creek, which leads to the ocean. She cannot swim, let alone see. She grabbed hold of some weeds and screamed for help.

She was in about 5 feet of cold water and was scared to death as she had no idea where she was. These two men came to her rescue, crawled down the bank and grabbed her arms and pulled her out of the water.

Thanks to Steve Wakefield and the Fire Department for all their help. God bless all of you for the hard work you guys do.

I wish I knew who you two men were so I could thank you personally. You were in the right place at the right time to save my mom from drowning without a doubt.

Mom is doing fine, thanks to everyone who helped.

Bill Galatioto

Crescent City

Number of patrol officersin chase needs justification

Really? How many patrol officers do we have in this county, and how many of those were dispatched to the chase last Tuesday? I would like some justification from the Sheriff's Office as to why so many patrol officers (when we already have so few) were called to this scene.

I live in a community brimming with meth addiction and child abuse. I pay taxes so everyone in my community is protected, not so police officers can choose to ignore these epidemics and instead cater to their own egos.

This man was being chased for suspicion of being involved with less than $400 in stolen property? On top of this, he was chased into a small cul-de-sac where children regularly play in the street?

Come on, Sheriff. Tell me my observations and assumptions are wrong. Or get it together and do some real work.

Chrystal Helton

Crescent City