Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Do not simply accept lies about Obama

I am a registered independent and have no great love for President Obama. But I have become disgusted with the attempts of right-wing extremists to demonize him. For three years now, I have listened to the following charges over and over again:

Obama was not born in the United States and so his presidency is a violation of the Constitution.

Obama is a Muslim and will try to establish sharia law in the United States.

Obama has a deep hatred of white people.

Obama is a socialist and is bent on the destruction of our capitalist free market.

Obama did not go to Columbia and Harvard (and if he did, he got bad grades).

Obama is going to try to take away your guns in violation of your second amendment rights.

Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is a government takeover of health insurance.

Obama's 2009 stimulus was a waste of money and did not create or save any jobs.

All these charges are absolute nonsense. Not only is there no proof for any of them, there is much evidence that they are all lies.

Why do people believe these lies? They believe them because they want to. There are millions of our countrymen who believe the election of any Democratic president is illegitimate, regardless of how many votes he gets.

We saw this with Bill Clinton. He was accused of everything the right wing could think of, even murder. Now we see it with Obama. No lie is too great if it will help remove him from office.

There are millions more who believe we should not have a president who looks like Obama, or who has a name like his.

The Obama-haters are counting on an uninformed electorate. They believe if they repeat these lies often enough, low-information voters will accept them as established fact.

Do not be fooled. Do not accept these lies simply because you heard them on conservative talk radio or Fox News, or saw them on the Internet. The people who spread these lies are just trying to scare you. Do not let them influence how you vote.

Sam Allison

Crescent City

Concern for fewer beds at Sutter Coast

As a resident of Del Norte County since 1972, I am concerned about lowering the bed count at Sutter Coast Hospital.

In January 2008, my husband was a patient at Sutter because of complications from leukemia. At this time the beds were full and many were flu patients. Sometimes flu patients have complications such as dehydration, pneumonia, etc.

In the late 1960s, I was an RN in Marin when the Hong Kong flu war was raging. Many people required hospitalization.

Unfortunately, there will be another flu epidemic. Where will these people go? Will they have to be sent to Eureka or Oregon at a great expense to them and their families?

Louise White

Crescent City

Regionalization would hurt families

If Sutter Coast Hospital continues on the path to regionalization, the ramifications for my family and many other families will be negative.

Should SCH be downsized to Critical Access, our community would suffer without complete emergency room services and average hospital stays limited to no longer than four days. More important is that there are few of us who could afford to take time off from our work and travel and stay away from home with a loved one in a hospital out of town.

So for myself, some other friends and family members I've talked with: Please Sutter Coast Hospital,do not regionalize.Please reconsider the impact regionalization would have on patient care in our community.

Michael Penney

Smith River