No longer any civil discourse at critical time in our history

It is time to ask the editor to withhold any further letters regarding the upcoming national election! After reading the Aug. 30 letter ("Do not simply accept lies about Obama") regarding the Republicans, the writer stating his spin on item after item without one shred of evidence, it brings home the fact that there is no longer any civil discourse in this country. There is a total elimination of the truth when it comes to winning. These attacks further divide us and breed hate and mistrust in our fellow man and in our election process.

This is, without a doubt, the most important election of our generation, deciding how our country will be governed and by whom we will be governed. All of us must take on this responsibility by being registered to vote and to vote!

But first, we must have an open mind and listen and learn the true facts as presented by both sides of each issue. We must listen to the Democrats and the Republicans and weigh for ourselves the merit of their arguments. It is much too important to the future of our nation to let our party label be the only criteria. We cannot let our own selfish interests govern our vote this time. We must decide what direction we want this nation to go.

I will continue to pray that this great nation, the United States of America, will continue to be a powerful force for good in this world and will lead our country to peace and prosperity. May a good and merciful God always bless our country.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City

Hospital regionalization a concern for Curry County

Thank you for your fair and balanced coverage regarding the attempted regionalization and change of status of Sutter Coast Hospital.

I live in Curry County but Sutter Coast Hospital has been our family's choice for births, treatments, surgeries and care. In addition several people that I know have been or are currently employed there.

The proposed changes are grievous and serious, not only personally but for our community as well. Therefore I am writing to publicly express my deep concern and to urge people to stand up and be counted in any way possible. Change is good only if it is to improve, not destroy.

Marion Ayer

Harbor, Ore.

Sutter hasn't made its case in comprehensive way

Regarding the Aug. 28 story, "Donations, grant bring equipment to hospital," kudos to the Sutter Coast Hospital employees and thank you to the major donors and Sutter Health for the matching grant for the purchase of new equipment for patients.

When I read that news last week, it reminded me that every time Sutter Coast is proud of something it has done or acquired new equipment, a newspaper article would be in the paper so the entire community could know about it.

I can't understand why, if the Sutter Coast Board was proud of the decision to regionalize and knew it was the best and only way for the hospital to continue forward, there hasn't been a comprehensive article in the Triplicate explaining all that for us.

Roxie Hazard

Crescent City

Senior: Regionalization of hospital jeopardizes health

Sept. 3 was my birthday and I am 94 years old. As a senior citizen I am very concerned about losing our hospital.

As I understand it, if there is a change to Critical Access status there could be no doctor in the emergency room and if I were sick or injured, I may have to be shipped off to Eureka, Medford, or beyond in order to receive care.

That's a long trip for someone who is having a life-threatening emergency. I know I am not the only senior who is concerned about this. Won't someone please tell these Sutter Health people who are trying to take apart our hospital that we need a better one, not a worse one?

When something happens to a senior, there is often not enough time to be transported so far away.

Dorothy Kelly

Crescent City