Local public encouraged to take advantage of historical museum

I volunteer at the Del Norte County Historical Society Museum during the summer. It is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April through September.

The museum is visited by so many people from all over the United States as well as other countries. The visitors log shows so many great responses.

The original large lens from the St. George Reef Lighthouse is one of the many main attractions.Native American, industry, commerce, local society, medical and hobbies are some of the many displays of interest. Farming also.There is a gift show with clothing, souvenirs and many books of historical interest available - good gifts.

Come visit the museum before it closes for the season.

Bob Ames Jr.

Crescent City

I'm sure there is a better way than regionalizing hospital

The very thought that Sutter Coast Hospital would regionalize not only scares me but many others, too, I am sure. My husband and I have lived here for 58 years. We have had excellent care from our fine doctors and nurses right here in Sutter Coast Hospital.

When my sons were growing up I never had to worry if they got ill or hurt. They would have care right here at home. I want the same for my grandchildren. If Sutter Coast Hospital does regionalize one of them could very well have to be sent away for medical care. This would place great financial hardship on the parents.

If my husband or I should have to be sent far away to another hospital for medical care, we would not be able to go along. We should not have to live in fear of maybe having to send a loved one away for care. We could maybe never see them alive again.

Our community deserves the best of health care, we appreciate what we have and do not want to lose it. I am sure there is a better way to solve things than regionalization. I wish to say thank you to those of you who have cared enough to try to get this resolved. Please do not let Sutter Coast Hospital regionalize.

Barbara Bigham

Crescent City

Chesbro crusading on issuehe once was on other side of

Wesley Chesbro voted yes on AB-129 (Fire Prevention Fees) on June 5, 2011. Did he not read the bill before he voted? Does he just vote in lock step with his spend-and-tax party, regardless of the impact on us in Crescent City?

Now he plays the hero, fighting for the people and introducing bill SB-1040 to repeal this fiasco. Could it be he is up for re-election, and was swamped with telephone calls and feels he needs to at least look like he represents us?

Is there a solid fiscally conservative candidate out there to run for State Assembly? I haven't heard of anyone, please step up we need you/let us know who you are.

To protest this tax and get instructions and forms, contact http:/ Must be mailed by 30 days from date on your bill.

Linda Drew

Crescent City

Distance to other hospitals too far to jeopardize Sutter Coast

Dr. Gregory Duncan has sent out an e-mail message on the Sutter Coast regionalization. Being a layman I'm admitting not understanding all the ins and outs of the legal procedures, however Dr. Duncan has put a lot of effort into trying to save our hospital from the hands of a corporate takeover and we need to stand behind him.

Living in Crescent City we need the service the hospital is now giving, if for no other reason than the distance to Medford or Eureka. My family has received the best of care here in Sutter Coast both for illness and surgery, so please let's all band together and keep it just the way it is.

Bill Horn

Crescent City

Keep an eye out for vandals who stole from schoolchildren

As the beginning of school approaches and teachers, students and parents are excited about getting back into the classrooms, teachers are working very hard to prepare their classrooms and their lessons for their students.

One of my jobs, at Bess Maxwell School, is maintaining the equipment in our P.E. storage shed. Apparently, this summer, some vandals attacked this shed both from the outside and from within. They broke open the door and even broke in through a wall on one side.

When I entered to check on the equipment for the children to use this year, I came upon a sight similar to the ruins of a tornado. Equipment was strewn everywhere inside the shed. As I cleaned and sorted the mess it became very clear that the vandals had not only created a mess, they had also stolen our wonderful new large canvas P.E. bags that the balls had been stored in.

I was heartsick.

Other than the cost of repairing and replacing the walls and the equipment and the time involved by staff to get this done, the children will not be able to access some of the equipment until repairs are made and the bags are replaced.

I never have understood the thought process of a vandal. Purposefully destroying or damaging someone else's "stuff" just doesn't give me joy. If you see anyone in our community toting around a really nice black canvas/netted bag with a soccer ball logo on them and the biggest clue, "Bess Maxwell P.E." written on them, please let me know at Bess Maxwell School.

I love my community and I love my school and this just makes my heart hurt.

Janet Parker

Crescent City

To those with clout: Back off and don't dismantle hospital

First, thank you, Dr. Gregory Duncan, for all your efforts in trying to save our hospital from disaster. And thank you to all the other doctors who have stood by your side to help our cause. A big thank you to all who attended all the meetings.

What scares us is that almost always the big dog wins. We (the public) get our five minutes of fame and then big brother takes over and does what he wants to anyway.

We just hope that there will be someone reading this that has the clout and understanding of what this means to us as a community, that they will back off and let our hospital grow rather than dismantling it.

Oct. 3 is the date the court hearing is set to block the regionalization. Please listen to us! Let us keep our hospital the way it is! Please do not take it away! This will most certainly be a disaster for our community. We love our hospital! Why in the world would they want to destroy something that's taken us so many years to build up? We are still trying to get new equipment so that patients don't have to travel over 100 miles away to get treatment. It's just common sense.

You out there, who can make a difference, please listen and use your common sense here and let our hospital grow. Downsizing it will ruin Del Norte County.

This is a perfect example of someone out of the area making decisions that affect every one of us locally. It's to their benefit, not ours!

Bob and Mimi Stephens