Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hospital regionalization would devastate area's economy

I have never written a letter to the editor before but I feel strongly this letter should be published. This letter concerns the regionalization of Sutter Coast Hospital and the devastating effect it will have on the community.

We will be left with no adequate health care in two counties. It will reach the same status as Gold Beach Hospital. Not only will there not be adequate care but it will devastate the county financially. Doctors and nurses will have to leave the county to find employment. The staff that keeps the facility maintained, housekeeping, medical records personnel, computer staff etc, will find themselves let go or under-employed.

The financial effect could leave this county with an added burden of unemployment and welfare. Homes will be lost and the tax revenue will be lost. There are many senior citizens such as my husband and I that will have to consider if we can continue to live in the area we love so much. One of the reasons we felt that we could retire here was there was quality medical available to us.

I have spoken to many others in our situation and most of them would consider relocation if medical help should diminish.

Karen Berry

Smith River

Complacency about military strength a history of mistakes

It doesn't matter how you remembered 9/11, "Patriots Day." I just hope you remembered.

As I remember the almost 3,000 people who died 11 years ago, I am concerned that so many Americans have become complacent. Complacent about America.

We were complacent in the late-'30s, when FDR was president. After all, we had fought and won "the war to end all wars." Hitler and the emperor of Japan were strangers to us, and were far away. The rest of the world was not our problem. We had cut our military to save money and survive the Great Depression.

Then a day of infamy. Dec. 7, 1941. Sunday morning. Our Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was attacked by the Japanese. And 2,386 men and women died.

We became complacent again in the '90s. President Ronald Reagan had ended the Cold War. And we became complacent. Bill Clinton was president. The World Trade Center was bombed by Al Qaeda, we did nothing. Our Marines, our embassies, and the USS Cole were attacked and we did nothing. Bin Laden could have been stopped, he was offered to us twice, President Clinton did nothing. And we ignored the "chatter."

Then another day of infamy. We were attacked less than eight months into President Bush's first term. Almost 3,000 people died at the hands of Al Qaeda, after the terror of trying to walk down 70 or more flights of stairs, or the terror of not being able to get to the stairs. The terror of being on an airplane that had been hijacked. Knowing you would probably die, but not knowing when or how. Choosing to take control and stop another attack ... on the Capitol? We will never know.

Killing bin Laden last year meant nothing. He was out of power long before the Navy Seals were sent in. He had been replaced by new blood. Younger men, that he had trained well.

Now, lazy, complacent politicians, on both sides of the aisle, have done it again, cutting the military budget to make up for their foolish spending spree. Making America weak. Ignoring the "chatter."

We must now replace those in Washington who are weak and complacent, those who would keep America weak, who have forgotten that they work for us. God bless America

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City

Cyclists who don't understand rules of road causing problems

First, allow me say, the Crescent City Police Department and the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office perform an excellent job, considering they are overworked, understaffed, underpaid, and under-appreciated.

With so many larger crime issues to address, traffic violations, understandably, must take a back burner. Furthermore, with traffic infractions, officers have a need to personally see such violations occur.

I wish to address bicycle-related traffic violations. I am not speaking of the bicycle tourists en route up and down the coast, but the local bicyclists - many of whom are adults and rely on a bicycle as their sole means of transportation.

Accordant to California law, bicyclists must follow the same traffic laws as a motor vehicle, unless otherwise specified. They are not allowed to drive on the sidewalk any more than a motor vehicle would be allowed to do so. A bicyclist must also observe stop signs, traffic lights and use a hand turn signal.

So often I have been run off the sidewalk while out for a stroll by these rude cyclists. Many times have I had near misses with one while driving my vehicle as I am proceeding through an intersection after stopping for a stop sign.

This is a public safety issue, and ticketing these rude and reckless bicyclists as allowed by law would be a great step in bringing us all safer, saner streets.

While I am at it, what about the overabundance of annoying and loud vehicle mufflers on our residential streets? Recently, while painting my house, I couldn't hear myself think due to that extremely annoying noise pollution.

By the way, Crescent City has recently enacted a noise ordinance law.

John Wood

Crescent City